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But joy is wisdom, Time an endless song

Today’s Inquirer sex column by Faye Flam must have inspired some editorial meeting discussion before it ran. It’s, essentially, a movie review of a set of sex instruction tapes called Better Sex Video Series, which is actually a remake of a 1991 series of the same name. (Truly, not since they remade House of Wax has there been such an important update on film.)

It’s, eh, fairly graphic for something in the Inquirer — though tamer than anything we have in the back of PW. (And thank God for that.) It’s also funny and entertaining and, really, totally unlike the Inquirer that I wasn’t really sure I was reading the Inquirer until I got to the last paragraphs:

“Better Sex” did give a realistic and comprehensive overview of the mechanics of sex and its most popular variations. It just didn’t capture much passion. [...] Perhaps it’s related to what W.B. Yeats was getting at when he said the tragedy of sexual intercourse is the perpetual virginity of the soul. But to remedy that could take more than a $49.85 set of videos.

Ahh, a Yeats reference. That’s the Inquirer I know and love. I believe that puts both Paper Doll and Steve and Mia in check. Your move, guys.

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