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Giant Penis In Tree Apparently Banal

A Gchat conversation:

Friend: my camera is dead but there is a penis with a parachute at 18th and arch hanging out of a tree

me: sadly, i’m working from home now
Friend: supposedly they do it fairly often but this is the first time i saw it

Philadelphia Needs Better Coordination


Uhh, guys? How about the 10,000 men plant trees?

More Than 10,000 Show Up to Black Men Rally in N. Phila. [KYW 1060]
Local Volunteers Needed for Large Tree-Planting Effort in Phila. [KYW 1060]

Tree Thief On Loose In Mayfair


From Phillyblog:

I just moved to Mayfair to get away from this crap!

My mother gave me a tree to plant in the front lawn last week, because the previous owners of the house I just moved into took their tree with them. [WTF??—dmac]

I came home from work the other day to discover that my tree was stolen! It’s not as if it was sitting there in a pot, it was actually planted and mulched in the front lawn. There’s a gaping hole in my lawn now where the tree used to be.

I thought this kind of thing didn’t happen in Mayfair. (?)

Is this a common occurence in the area?

Ooh, this is a new one. Instead of your neighbors poisoning your trees to get rid of them, they simply steal them right out from under your nose.

My tree was stolen right from my front lawn in Mayfair! [Phillyblog]

A Tree Falls In Philly


What has to happen for me to do some original reporting? A giant tree has to fall outside my place.

Earlier today, I walked out of my apartment building to find, of course, a tree sitting 15 or so feet outside my door. The tree hadn’t been that close to my building last night, and it certainly wasn’t lying across the street before.

Later in the day, there was more information, conveniently nailed to the tree sprawled across the Clinton Street. It read:

10 a.m. To neighbors: Police are aware, Park Commission is aware, hospital is aware, Councilman DiCicco is aware. We wait for city to react.

Hey, it’s a smart bunch here on Clinton Street. We already know the city’s going to take forever to clean it up.

Full gallery of photos follows below.

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PWD Editor Cheats Death Yet Again


I live in Center City on a beautiful tree-lined street. It’s called Clinton Street; as you might have guessed, it’s named after Parliament Funkadelic’s own George Clinton. Or possibly it’s named after Bill Clinton. Or, rather, after someone who was actually born when the street got it’s name. Either way, it’s a cute two-block street with apartments, rich people and trees.

Unfortunately, that last one was a bit of a problem last night. See the circled tree above? It’s about 15 feet from my apartment. And now, it’s a little closer to it (click to enlarge).


More photos after the jump.

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Liberals don’t plant trees

I don’t want to go overboard on this whole Good Day Philadelphia is the greatest show in the universe kick, but I have another video. No, it doesn’t involve dancing or mascots (sigh). This morning, Good Day interviewed Ted Nugent:

You know, I don’t even know if the show even needed a rebuttal. Nugent’s theme of “Damn those liberals and their anti-tree planting agenda!” pretty much sums it all up.

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