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Mayor Nutter On ‘Meet The Press’


Even though he wishes the candidates would just stick to the issues like “crime in cities” or “free puppies for rapping mayors”, Mayor Nutter was asked about the comments Obama’s former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, made. And what do you know! The Clinton supporter says he would drop out of his church if he heard comments like that.

Now the mayor went to St. Joe’s Prep and was raised Catholic. He’s now Baptist — which probably means one of those old Jesuits gave a sermon which was just too out there for Nutter. (One time in high school a priest was railing against the evils of the world and said, “Doctors… get to go on vacations… with their families!” I’m pro-doctor vacation, I believe.)

Our esteemed mayor was also on Face the Nation this weekend. Video after the jump.

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