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Anti-Casino Art Attack

A supporter of Casino Free Philadelphia is currently running a big ol’ anti-casino art contest; they’re looking for t-shirts, posters and videos. The deadline has been extended to March 10, so get cracking if you want your shirt to possibly join this other classy/hilarious one.

It’s going to be tough to win the poster contest, though, because this entry posted on the site is incredibly awesome:


“Casino”-like Slots Barn is excellent, as is the impressive amount of detail in this poster. As usual, I am jealous of someone who can draw. Just think of all the bad jokes I could make if I could draw!

I can’t tell, though, if it’s saying the casino would ruin Market East (the Funk-O-Mart will never be the same with a casino nearby!) or that The Gallery ruined Market East (could make a convincing case for it, especially if Chinatown is part of Market East). But, hey, what’s with the bullet holes? The only thing shot at The Gallery is good taste.

I also particularly liked “hookers’ entrance.” Is that really any more blatant than the current signage on the brothels in that area?

Update: The artist, FYI, is Dennis Carlisle.

He Didn’t Fight; The Law Won

A man from West Philly pled guilty yesterday to being a lookout for a robbery of an 83-year-old man in a Gallery bathroom. (See? Yet another reason why you use the bathrooms in Market East Station, and not in the Gallery. The main reason, which should be enough anyway, is that the bathrooms in Market East are about 100,000 times nicer.)

Here’s the fun part of the story, though (which I must admit was pointed out by a commenter):

Peruto was arrested Sept. 13 when he bolted from a West Philadelphia rowhouse, apparently believing that police officers serving bench warrants nearby were after him. He immediately confessed, authorities said

Well, I guess nobody expected the guy who helped rob an 83-year-old would be brave. I like to look at it another way, though: People are always talking about snitching, and this dude did it on himself! Why aren’t politicians having press conferences praising him?

W. Phila. man admits being ‘lookout’ in Market East robbery [Inquirer]
Anybody have any idea why lookout is in quotes in this headline?

Shirt Happens


Here’s a story about a dude who makes those memorial shirts at The Gallery. No, really: Here’s a story about a dude who makes those memorial shirts at The Gallery.

“A lot of the kids who come in to get shirts are under 21,” said Sam Do, 21, another attendant at Personalized Tees in the Gallery. “We put together collages of different moments and that seems to spark memories of better days. A lot of times they start to cry.”

It takes less than 15 minutes for images to go from picture frame to garment. Typically the cost is $15. Do takes a picture, places it on a scanner and the image pops on to his computer screen in seconds. From there he gets customers to write the tribute they want. He chooses the fonts and style and approves it before printing out an iron-on transfer.

The transfer is centered on the shirt or other garment and put into a hot press, all crammed into his kiosk. Moments later he pulls a shirt hot off the press, finished and ready to go.

Do said they almost always are able to satisfy customers. Almost.

“One guy wanted me to print a shirt dissing (disrespecting) a dead guy and I wouldn’t do it, Do said. “I refused to do it. It was something negative to someone who died.”

It’s good to know there are some people left with morals in the world. So what if they’re t-shirt cart workers?

Shirts pay tribute to crime victims [Camden Courier-Post]
[Photo via Courier-Post/Al Schell]