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New Casino Shirt Predictably Serious


Hey, there’s a brand new casino shirt (thanks for the heads up, JJ), and it’s all crazy serious, as one might expect. I don’t know, though; this shirt is okay, but it totally pales in comparison to that other shirt: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Three Sevens on the Center Line.”

Total Winners, Indeed


At the risk of these selling out and me not being able to get one, here’s a shirt from Space 1026. Available Thursday at B2 cafe, 6-9 pm, and Saturday at the Punk Rock Flea Market.

Barack Obama & the Philadelphia Phillies Total Winners!!! [Space 1026]

I’ve Already Ordered Three


44-pound stray cat bulges out of box []

Donovan McNabb Is 15 Years Old


The always good (and thorough!) Bounty Bowl points out (with censored vulgarity!) over the weekend Donovan McNabb was wearing a one-liner t-shirt. And not just any kind of one-liner t-shirt: An inspirational one-liner t-shirt. (He’s also wearing a WWJD bracelet, which means not only is he 15 year old, he’s 15 years old in 1997. Like me!)

The blog also helpfully transcribed the shirt for us, since, yeah, I wasn’t going to read all of that:

“If you prepare to be the best in everything you do in life, you will receive great results. But if you are just satisfied with mediocrity, that’s what you will be.”

Gah. Gah. GAH! Donovan. You’re in your 30s. I stopped wearing one-liner shirts sometime before freshman year. (Yes, I have a t-shirt with a bracket on it that has the #16 seed me over the #1 seed you, but I bought it to support my friend’s website.)

McNabb actually seemed to figure out that inspirational slogan t-shirts — even worse than “funny” shirts — were bad, as he stopped wearing them after showing up in 2006 with one. But now… ugh. Ugh. But please: If you’re going to wear an inspirational slogan t-shirt, at least make it a little better than that? That’s clumsier than my dancing.

Sweet f*cking Chr*st, he’s wearing T-shirts with slogans again [Bounty Bowl]

Boardwalk Merchants Encourage Voting


Citizen Mom went down the shore over the weekend and spotted this wall of incredible bootleg t-shirts on the Wildwood boardwalk, including shirts for Obama, Clinton and even creepy old John McCain. The “Osama for Obama” one begs the question: No “Barry Hussein” shirts?

This Could Be A Very Long Summer [Citizen Mom]

Bootleg Obama T-Shirts!


This blurry camera phone photo reveals what you had to know was coming: Bootleg Obama t-shirts! Yes, the guy who until recently still had bootleg Jeff Garcia t-shirts has finally moved on to Barack Obama and his wonderful message of (all together now) change and hope.

Jello And Kodak Are A Good Cause

Dear readers, meet your new t-shirt:


Hat tip to Temple News blog Broad & Cecil.

The Only Coz T-Shirt [Lucky Threadz]

Ladies Love Cool Will

Will Bunch (of Attytood fame) has his own t-shirt now! And it’s in ladies’ sizes, too!


Ow owwwwww!

Attytood T for ladies []

Study: Nintendo Wii More Popular Than Darfur


Orange Alexander Shirts

Upper Darby Enters T-Shirt War


Upper Darby police superintendent Michael Chitwood is winning the War on Drugs. How? Well, last year, when he was hired in the job, he called drug dealers in the U.D. “scumbags.”

And perhaps taking a message from the “Cap’n Blunt” t-shirts, two Upper Darby police officers decided to make t-shirts out of the saying.

Two officers, Tim Law and Angelo O’Rangers, who were joking about the matter-of-fact expression, capitalized on it and ordered a couple dozen T-shirts emblazoned with the Upper Darby Police Department badge logo on the front and “Not in my town Scumbag” on the back.

“It was after reading it the first time in the Daily Times that the guys were talking about it,” Law said. “We figured since Superintendent Chitwood already had the slogan ‘protecting the community’ imprinted on the police cars that we should take the word and put it on T-shirts and picked the slogan ‘Not in my town Scumbag.’”

Yeah! Not in my town scumbag! What a great slogan for the only war rivaling Iraq in pointlessness. And coming soon: bumper stickers! Man, I think the whole drug problem just ended. Thanks, Upper Darby!

Upper Darby tells ’scumbags’ to get lost [Delco Times]
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