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Darren Daulton’s Ring For Sale

122308daultonrings.png Not everyone is as lucky as the bankers and automakers; not all of us can just go to Congress and ask it to print up some free money. And, so, yet another consequence of the poor economy: Pro athletes are selling their beloved championship rings.

THe website lists a ton of athletes’ title rings for sale, including this 1993 National League championship ring and Darren Daulton’s 1983 NL pennant ring! Daulton played only 2 games in the 1983 season as a September callup, so perhaps he’s not too attached to that one. The ‘93 ring says it is also from a player; no word if Jeff Manto needs some cash.

You can also get this 1913 Philadelphia A’s ring if you have, like, a million billion dollars.

The site also has this ring from the 1976 All-Star game in Philadelphia that belonged to Bob Lemon. The Hall of Famer retired in 1958, so one can assume it was just a really weak league that year.

Last but not least, there’s this “sample ring” from the 2008 World Series; it has Pete Rose’s name on the side so you can totally fool your friends and say you got Charlie Hustle’s World Series ring. A steal at $3,000!

There are a ton of rings in other sports, too: There’s this 1980 NFC Champions Eagles ring that belonged to an unnamed player and this sample ring from the same year. Naturally, these were made by Jostens, so they’ll match your high school graduation ring. There’s also a staff member’s 2004 NFC ring.

The Flyers are a little more flush, as there appear to only be sample rings available for the Stanley Cup wins. Nothing from the 76ers; those two teams either don’t sell their rings or sell them on the black market. And if you’re really interested, an XFL championship ring is available for just $16,000.

Update: Look! 1985 Villanova National Championship ring! Penn State 1982 national title! PSU’s 1994 undefeated season!

Man, who buys all this crap?

Sammy D Ready For Disney On Ice

Sammy D and Mickey Mouse and others

Comcast Spectacor sent over this photo with a press release yesterday, and oh man you need to click it to enlarge. I have no idea what the release was about; I simply didn’t read it after seeing the greatness above. 76ers big man Samuel Dalembert, Mickey Mouse, Mr. Incredible and a kid who is very interested by something off-camera. Hey, he also won 40 tickets to Disney on Ice! Whoo!

In other news, all of the people in this photo have been registered to vote by ACORN. Ho, ho, get it, topical political humor. Kinda.

Update: Oh, look, there’s a nice story attached to this photo, too. Well, that will teach the 76ers: Don’t attach such awesome photos to your press releases from now on. Er.

Canadian To Attend First Hockey Game


The 76ers are so hard up for publicity this year — the Phillies are currently on the front of — they’ve resorted to latching on to the Flyers, who at least have a winning record. And what’s the newest publicity scheme?

Why, 76ers center Samuel Dalembert will attend his first NHL game!

Philadelphia 76ers’ Samuel Dalembert will be attending his first National Hockey League game when the Flyers host the Ottawa Senators on Sunday, January 20, at 7:00 p.m. at the Wachovia Center. Upon arrival, Dalembert will be presented with a personalized Flyers jersey (DALEMBERT # 1) that he will wear throughout the night. “I’m really looking forward to my first Flyers’ game this weekend,” Dalembert said. “It is going to be great meeting the guys and experiencing the action up close and behind the scenes, all for a good cause.”

Dalembert was born in Haiti, but he grew up in Montreal and recently became a Canadian citizen. How “Have you ever attended an NHL game?” is not the first question on the Canadian citizenship test I will never understand.

The press release also notes that Dalembert “will make a French connection in the Flyers’ locker room when he visits with French-speaking players Martin Biron, Danny Briere and Simon Gagne after the game” and that his trip to the Flyers game is actually a prize won at an auction by some dude from Delaware. How “Attend A Flyers Game With A Sixers Player” was an item up for auction I will also never understand.

Full press release after the jump.

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Dr. Joel Fish To Console Players Unfortunate Enough To Be Drafted By 76ers


Do you prefer your news from a biased source? How about an unabashedly biased source? Well, tonight is the NBA draft, and the 76ers are covering the draft on!

Actually, the updates aren’t bad at all, but I’m not coming up with another lead. I mean, I did I learn this:

Dr. Joel Fish, the team’s psychologist, is also in the draft room now, there to lend his thoughts when needed.

Now why would the 76ers need Dr. Fish? Oh, oh. If a player’s drafted by the 76ers, he’s going to be despondent. That makes sense then.

If you’re looking for other Sixers draft coverage, is going to have 2400 people blogging the draft. I also tremendously enjoyed my friend Dave Zeitlin’s day-before-the-draft wrap-up yesterday, and he’s also blogging tonight. Be sure to check it out if the West Chester Daily Local’s server is working, which it almost certainly won’t be.

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Quickies: Much more important than the ‘War on Christmas’

• Hey, you know Darfur? Sure you do! It’s the war we’re all really up in arms about and a multinational coalition is invading because there’s a genocide and… er, wait. We don’t all care about it and it’s effing crazy. A former Marine who witnessed some of the atrocities speaks at the Free Library tonight. [KYW 1060]

• Hey, college kids! Don’t have an independent student newspaper at your school? It turns out the administration can just censor anything they want! Especially if you print cartoons with Muhammad in them. [Reuters]

• If you have a gun lying around, you can turn it in for some Sixers tickets. Apparently nobody working this promotion has seen the Sixers play this year. [Inky]

• Just an update on the fate of The Platters, who have (apparently) 974 people claiming to once be a member: Gov. Rendell has signed legislation making it illegal to perform as a member of The Platters if you weren’t. Phew. [KYW 1060]

Robbing Andre to pay Nate

022006dredunk.jpg Despite the Flyers and Sixers going undefeated this weekend (they were both 0-0), it wasn’t a great weekend for Philadelphia sports — although the Soul did win. Put simply, Andre Iguodala got screwed. Iggy (or Dre or AI2, take your pick) should have won the dunk contest.

Seriously. Look at where he is in the photo. You see how his head’s about to slam into the backboard? Yeah, he ducked and dunked on a reverse after taking a pass from Allen Iverson off the backboard. He dunked from behind the backboard. I seriously am still unsure of how it happened.

The trophy went to 5-foot-9 Nate Robinson, who did have some impressive dunks — including one over shortest-dunk-contest-winner Spud Webb, but if you dunk it from behind the backboard, you deserve to win. There was a rumbling that Kenny “The Jet” Smith changed his vote so Robinson would win, but that’s not true. He did, though, give Iggy too low of a score.

If you missed Dre’s dunk, video’s available at, though it’s not really loading for me, so before it disappears, you can check out the dunk over at YouTube.

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Quickies: Second encore

011706ben.jpg • Okay, no Ben backlash here: This 1,200 photo montage of Ben Franklin by Tom Gralish is pretty damn cool. Especially when Franklin Mills (left) is included! [Inky]

• 89-year-old Walter Cronkite has a new 65-year-old girlfriend. Man, imagine the harem Ben Franklin would have if he were alive today! [Inky]

• Did youse all see the Sixers game Friday night? Ehm, maybe not. But the Sixers were down 16, rallied to tie it, hit a three at the buzzer of the second OT to send it into triple-overtime, then won it by a point. And, then, in a great encore, they lost by 28 yesterday! Whoo! When do the hockey playoffs start? [DN]

• And, in case you haven’t seen it yet, Miss New Jersey has a blog. Miss New Jersey? Isn’t that like being the funniest war movie? (Rimshot.) [Camden Courier-Post]

• The Washington Post’s ombudsman gets something wrong, and Will Bunch lays the smack down. That’s my boy! [Poynter Online via Eschaton]