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Street, Nutter Best Friends All Of A Sudden


Guess who Mayor Street asked to be a guest speaker at his Temple class? Our esteemed mayor-elect, Michael Nutter. Nutter praised himself, apparently: “I think that’d probably be one of the most well-attended classes that he gives.”

More Nutter on Street: “He wants things to be as smooth as possible and I greatly appreciate that. We’re two very deeply passionate caring public servants, and from time to time we might have a difference of opinion about some public policy sisues. It’s not personal. And I think Mayor Street wants to make sure that the city of Philadelphia … functions and operates well after his term is up.”

On a side note, Mayor Street’s adjunct professorship at Temple made the front cover of Metro today. Things are looking up for Johnny in his final weeks.

What’s the really big story today?


Things just don’t really get any bigger than the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars. Then again, the show does have Tia Carrere, Kenny Mayne (!), Jerry Rice and Master P. What, Jose Canseco wasn’t available?