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Darrell Clarke: Hate Crime Victim

It’s ridiculous that some racist moron did this, particularly to a Philadelphia City Councilman.

Clarke said he walked outside his house this morning and found Nazi symbols and the letters “KKK” spray-painted on his car, a vehicle belonging to a relative of one of his staffers and another local resident’s car. Crime Scene Unit investigators are currently dusting his car for prints while detectives try to determine what motivated the incident.

But wait: what was one of his staffer’s cars doing there this morning? Which staffer was it? Clarke is single, by his own admission, so is he schtooping one of his staffers? I mean, if the staffer’s car was there long enough to get vandalized over night, it’s safe to assume there’s a reason, right?

Hmm…. some Philly journo should look into this. Dan Gross? You reading?

Councilman Clarke target of hate crime [Philly Confidential]