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Phillies Fans Learn Valuable Lesson

That valuable lesson? Don’t stand on top of a bus shelter in a group. [via Awful Announcing]

Bootleg Rubber Ducks Best Way To Celebrate Phillies World Series Win


Hey kids! Pumped about the Phillies? Don’t waste your time buying the official merchandise; that’s for big time liberal rich folk. And don’t bother with that Why Can’t Us merchandise either. How dare someone capitalize on a catchphrase and give all the money to charity.

What you really need is some bootleg Why Can’t Us merch — a rubber duck, no less!

What would a World Series be without rallying cries and symbols? Past years gave us Rocktober, the Rally Monkey and Homer Hankies.

This year the Philadelphia Phillies have adopted a rubber duck and the slogan, “Why can’t us?”

Somebody from Radnor has 100 of these to sell, so, um, get ‘em while they’re hot.

Philadelphia Phillies Rubber Duck [eBay]

Time For Big Philly Championship?


Yes, we’re all really excited around here for tonight’s Game 5 1/2, which will hopefully be the final 3 innings of this year’s World Series. But around the country? Well, nobody’s really paying attention.

Not all of this is the fault of either the Phillies or Rays. The national media decided this series wasn’t important to cover before it even started, the games are starting at almost 9 p.m., the coverage on Fox can only possibly detract from the game. But it’s not just that; Rays-Phillies just isn’t just the prime time matchup people wanted. A friend of mine from college said the rain delay discussion was the most exciting part of this year’s World Series so far.

The Phillies are only three outs away from winning the World Series, and nobody outside Philadelphia is paying attention.

Some people might not like that idea, but the more I think about it the more perfect I realize it is. Philadelphia sports fans haven’t won a title in 25 years. But instead of becoming viewed as a fan base of lovable losers — like Boston pre-2004 or the Cubs now — Philadelphia fans are known as boorish and hate-filled, frequently vilified by columnists too lazy to come up with something other than an incident when fans threw snowballs at Santa. Yes, Philadelphia fans frequently have to listen to criticism due to an event that happened before man had walked on the moon.

But right now, nobody in the country cares about Philadelphia fans. Nobody’s paying attention to us for what could be our finest hour. All the Phillies have to do is outscore the Rays over three innings and the Phillies win the World Series.

And we get to celebrate all by ourselves.

I can’t think of a better ending.

Updates all game on my Twitter.

Weather Good Omen For Phillies

Okay, so the game is still postponed and it’s snowing in the suburbs (out in front of the Courier building, apparently, as Philly EDGE shows us above).

Some are saying this is a bad omen. Pfft. I disagree. This is just the kind of weather you get when hell starts to freeze over. Phillies win Game 5 by a couple of runs whenever it starts up again (sometime next April).

Game Is Off For Tonight

Somebody called in to Ron & Fez and said that WIP said the game will not be played tonight. Ron & Fez is a good name for a cartoon, but apparently it’s a radio show. Anyway, now you have this information fourth- or fifth-hand here, so you know it’s accurate.

Also a good bet for why the game won’t be played tonight: Common sense.

Update: Hey, look, here’s some more confirmation. [via Walkoff Walk]

Update 2: Official MLB press release, as if you needed any more confirmation.

Phillies Win, In Vegas!

Hey, look, if you bet on the Phillies you actually won the game, 2-1!

The game was suspended because of rain in the middle of the sixth inning with the score tied 2-2. The Rays had tied it in the top of the sixth when Carlos Pena’s two-out single scored B.J. Upton. [...] However, even though the suspended game is scheduled to be completed today, the betting result is final.

According to Nevada gaming rules — often referred to as “house rules” — the final score of an official game is determined by reverting to the last completed inning. The Phillies led 2-1 after the fifth.

Las Vegas sports books are paying off Game 5 side bets on Philadelphia, which was about a minus-170 favorite. Wagers on totals and run-line bets are being refunded because rules stipulate that at least 81/2 innings must be played.

“We’re just following the regular baseball rules. This is a very common rule,” Las Vegas Hilton sports book director Jay Kornegay said. “We can’t make exceptions.

“There was no special disclaimer for World Series games, or any playoff games for that matter, that your bet would continue if the game was suspended. It’s one of those unfortunate misunderstood rules of baseball betting.”

Kornegay expects some bettors to be confused about the rules, but he said there should be no controversy.

It’s really awesome that Vegas has already decided there is no controversy. (They’re right, but whatever.) Anyway, awwright Phillies, you won the World Series for gamblers in Vegas!!

Sports books pay as if Phillies won [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

Phillies Still In Rain Delay

So who had this in their pool? You know, the pool where you came up with the most Philadelphia way for the Phillies to lose. The Phillies might only be tied with the Rays in the middle of the 6th inning, but it sure doesn’t feel right.

The collective mood of Philadelphia changed when the Rays tied the game while playing a half-inning that certainly never should have been played (due to, you know, the driving rain and huge puddled on the ground). It changed when Joe Buck and Tim McCarver complained about how unfair it was to the Rays to play in this driving rain, since they steal bases; then the rain, of course, helped the Rays score the tying run. It changed when everyone realized they weren’t clinching the World Series Monday night.

Instead of Cole Hamels pitching another inning or two and handing it off to the bullpen, we now wait. Chances are they won’t play tonight and will play the final 3 1/2 innings on Wednesday, simply because of how disgusting it is outside right now. (39 degrees? Seriously?) Right now everyone in Philadelphia is kind of too shocked to figure out how to deal with it.

Conlin is good today, go have a perusal. For now there’s only one way I can describe this:


This Is It…

So let’s go win us a championship. Lame-o in-game updates on Twitter, coverage of the party afterward here tonight and all week. And, oh yes, the Phillies are winning this one tonight. This is change anyone in this town can believe in.

Photo by ecokate used under a Creative Commons license

Phillies Fans Too Nervous To Think

Okay, the Phillies could actually win the World Series tonight. It’s the first time besides the 2004 Super Bowl that Philadelphia is just one win away from a championship. And the commenters have somehow turned “police plans for postgame celebration” into a racist thing (because baskeball fans have rioted before, har har). All of this is sort of surreal. Except for the thing, that’s expected.

Updates to come during the game. (Probably here, possibly on the blog if video is working.) Let’s go Phillies. Can you finally just give us something awesome, this once?

A Great Moment In Online Media

Uhh, yeah, Tampa Tribune website, nice feature. I’m only posting this now because this is all the Tampa Bay area will have left once the Phillies win the freaking World Series tonight!!!

Erhm, sorry about that.