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The Budding Question’s surprisingly one-sided poll today:


Man. Would those two narcs quit harshing everyone’s buzz?

Pot proposals: Calif. sees tax windfall, N.J. eyes medical use [Inquirer]

Ron Paul Fan On Malls, Radiohead

There’s an op-ed in today’s Inquirer predicting the demise of the mall; the writer seems to be under the impression that Americans are now cutting back on spending and will no longer shop-’til-they-drop at giant monuments to suburban sprawl.

Anyway, it has one of the best comments I’ve ever read on a article, and I’d like to share it with you now. This might be my favorite comment of all time, actually, especially if it’s real.

Ron Paul fans: Tough on malls, soft on Radiohead.

Also: Oxford Valley Mall isn’t so bad. Has this person ever been to Neshaminy? While it does have Café Riviera, I can assure you the Oxford Valley Mall is much, much nicer.

A grim future for the all-American mall [Inquirer]

Hot, Hot Cereal!

I almost forgot to post this poll from yesterday!


I didn’t mean to click ‘none,’ but I’m not going to go back and edit the screenshot to fix it. I haven’t had oatmeal in forever, I should totally go back and try it again sometime…

Poll To End All Poles


What?! I wanted to answer Lech Walesa. Lame, Lame.

But we all know what won this poll, though, don’t we?


In a landslide, even. Poll Of The Day

Yes, this is the poll question of the day. Currently, the results: 59 percent say no! I guess all those commenters spend less than half of their time on Stormfront. Who knew?

Trust Me, This Show Is Awful

Yesterday, front, late afternoon:

Last Wednesday, PW ran my review of Trust Me, which basically made fun of TNT’s horrible new show for 400 words.

Just be sure to know: No matter the issue, and I will be in direct opposition on it.’s Pup-Tastic Front front, right now:

Awww. Look at the little Cavalier! Isn’t he cute! Isn’t her a cute wittle itty bitty puppy…

Erhm. I mean. Hey, here’s the current front, shamelessly featuring one of my favorite dog breeds in an attempt to get a link. Nice try, guys, but it’s not going to w–oh, yeah, I guess it did. Aww, cute wittle doggy.

Name The MLS Team!

We all know that fan polls to pick a team’s nickname aren’t real, but it’s just so darn fun to vote in them. And, as such, you should go over and vote on a name at at for the new MLS team.

There are a couple decent choices, but I went with the write-in vote above. Of the four choices, SC is probably the best, since it could piss off Europeans more than the other ones. I kinda like City, too. But I’m sure I’ll probably end up rooting for Union next year, unless that one Councilman in Chester derails the process. Oh, wait, he didn’t!

Also, I liked this part of that last link: “[I]t is believed to be the first nonunanimous vote on the all-Republican council in at least a decade.”

MLS Name The Team []

Finally, A Way To Track Andy Reid’s Weight

011309reidyears.jpg Hey, sports fans! I know what you all really want to see, and that’s a slideshow of Andy Reid through the years. Oh, man, there’s Reid and his wife at a 76ers game in 2001! Who could forget that time? And a munch younger Reid in 2001! And…

Holy God, this thing is thirty photos! I guess I’m going to have to go through and pick out the highlights, this slideshow is so important. Well, let’s see: Actually, I remember photo number four, or at least I remember when the Eagles finally clinched the division for the first time since 1988. (I was there. The girl who gave me the tickets for my birthday is now married. Aww, how nice.)

Photo #7 is our first interesting one so far, because Reid has a funny expression. And, wow, he really still has lost a lot of weight since then, even if he hasn’t kept it all off. Kudos, Andy.

Speaking of weight, here’s Reid eating sundae at training camp (photo #10) in 2002. I really enjoy the caption: “Eagles head coach Andy Reid bites into a ‘Andy Reid’ sundae, and he said a ‘monday & tuesday’ at training camp in 2002.” Are we to assume Reid stood there for two days eating sundaes? I’m pretty sure that’s it. By the way, 33.3 repeating done!

And now I’m nearly halfway in, and here’s Andy Reid coaching the Pro Bowl, which used to be an annual occurrence. Look, Jeff Garcia is in the background! The previous three or four Reid photos before this one were all just him at a press conference. Useful. But think of the pageviews!

Halfway through, and photo #15 is just a drawing of Andy Reid. Ha ha, whoever drew it made him super fat.

Photo #20. Man, is there any expression for Donovan McNabb but “goofy”? I really don’t think so.

Ha, ha, photo #24 isn’t even of Andy, it’s of his son Britt following a guilty plea. Classy, I would have gone with an instructional drawing of how to put pills up your ass, but that’s just me.

Then, after a ton of Reid son photos, we’re back to football at #28, from a preseason game this year. The slideshow didn’t include that photo from the back of the Daily News the year the Eagles went to the Super Bowl, the one I was looking for and expected to see, possibly the only interesting photo of Andy Reid ever. But whatever, at least there were 7 shots of him at press conferences!

Photo #30. I dunno; maybe this expression isn’t goofy? Kinda, still, though. And by the end I think Andy has gained all the weight back, though he definitely looks better now even though he’s older. Come on, Andy, you can do it!’s New Robot Reporters Still Need Some Tweaking

New, improved at airport [Inquirer]