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Yes, Here’s The Clip You Want To See

Things we know about Chase Utley:

1. He’s a rather talented baseball player.

2. He just loves little puppies and kittens.

3. He likes to eat breakfast at Morning Glory.

4. He likes to curse.

Hey, why aren’t Chase Utley and I best friends? Three of those items describe both of us! (The one that doesn’t is #1, in case you’re a fuckin’ moron.)

840 Billion People Watch Parade

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The coolest part of the parade so far is what happens once it passes: The fans move from the sidewalks and move right into the middle of the street to celebrate some more. Hey, look, the sea of red kinda looks like Symphony House! Okay, um, kinda.

SEPTA: We’re Not Getting There

Curious travel advisory on SEPTA’s website. What could it mean?

A friend IMs and explains:

My mom called me from the train station. The announcement said, “Due to unusually high rider volume, Regional Rail service is suspended. Please find alternate transportation.”

Ha, ha, ha, hahahahahahaha. Way to shut down Regional Rail service the day of the Phillies parade, SEPTA!

Update: KYW 1060 has more; trains are now apparently 30 minutes behind schedule. There’s a 2-hour wait at the PATCO stop in Lindenwald.

Update 2: “All inbound Regional Rail service is suspended as of 1pm until further notice. There is no southbound BSL service south of Race/Vine.” Take public transportation down to the stadium for the parade, they say. Whoops!