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Pa., N.J. Are Fat, But You Should See The Other Guy


Break out the standard stock footage of fat people’s jiggling bellies and giant calves, some study or magazine or something released a list of “fattest states.”

Although Philly was at one time America’s fattest city, we’ve gotten better in recent years in that pointless Men’s Health ranking, apparently. And in a report released by “an obesity watchdog group,” Pennsylvania and New Jersey are fat, but not as fat as some people. Nearly one in four adults in Pennsylvania are “obese,” and 13 percent of kids.

Colorado is leanest with a 17 percent obesity rate, while 30 percent of Mississippi residents are fat, most of them from drinking whole kegs of beer and eating entire pigs while tailgaiting at college football games or something. Oh, and overall poor people were the fattest, because the rich in this country can afford gastric bypass surgery, or don’t eat Wendy’s 10 times a week.

Pa., NJ In Middle of Pack Among Fattest States [KYW 1060]

Leftovers: Too Fat To Know Why You’re Fat

• America’s obesity epidemic has hit new heights, as many people are now are too fat for diagnostic imaging exams to work. Wait… Diagnostic? Are we cars now? Well, we weigh almost as much. Ba-ZING! [HealthDayNews/Yahoo!]

• The South Jersey town of Riverside is planning on imposing a $1,000 fine on anyone who employs or houses illegal immigrants. Apparently, Brazilians have moved into the Jersey shore (Editor’s Note: Whoops!) town. Ahh, yes! Soon they’ll be renaming the town Lado del Río! [Inquirer]

• A clever thief has come up with a new way to steal things: From unlocked cars. Yes, children, it’s 2006, you should probably lock your car doors no matter where you are nowadays. [Inquirer]

• And, finally, Eagles training camp is new and improved — now with pads! []

Quickies: Fat Camp Instead Of Summer School?

• City Councilman Michael Nutter knows how to run for mayor: He says he’s going to get our kids to stop being fat! This may work with parents, but crotchety old people could be all “How about you show them some manners first!” [KYW 1060]

• Your Anthony DiMeo update, courtesy of Metro DiMeo beat reporter Josh Cornfield: “He said in previously filed court documents that the comments made about him on Max’s site caused him to live ‘in constant fear for his safety and the safety of his loved ones.’ DiMeo said in the documents that he was forced to seek out psychological counseling, that he suffered a loss of privacy and his business was affected.”

• Hey, when he’s not bashing those free AOL CDs about five years after people forgot what AOL is, and when he’s not playing with his doggy, we can always count on John Grogan for some good old fashioned Philadelphia optimism. Wait. Philadelphia optimism? [Inky]

• We Americans say goodbye to Katie Couric. Only, uh, she’s just going to be doing the news on a different station. Is she really leaving? [Gawker]

Blogicized: Tolling the bell, or a similar bad pun, &c.

• With David Bell getting older and less healthy, could he really be done? Maybe that’s why he always looks so sad. [Beerleaguer]

• If you pay your credit card bills too well, Homeland Security might need to know. [The 14th Windiest State]

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• A Philadelphian is fighting obesity one Hadoken at a time. [Phillyist]