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Norristown Paper Kills Man For Looking At It Wrong Way


A Conshohocken man, Rick Smith, was killed in a hit-and-run accident in State College. But the Norristown Times-Herald named Rick Smith of Norristown as the dead man. The paper even ran his ninth grade photo, which seems odd for a 21-year-old. (And odd that the paper found his ninth-grade photo but didn’t talk to any family members.)

NBC 10, as usual, plays it nice and straight:

A West Chester student finds out from frantic friends that a local newspaper declared him dead in a traffic accident. ΒΆ Rick Smith, 21, is from Norristown and is very much alive.

“I was shaking a little bit. Who wants to see that, your own obituary?” Smith said.

Uhh, hello? You could totally walk around with you obit and get people to do things for you. Or give you presents — “Happy rising from the dead!” — at least.

Student Discovers Local Paper Says He’s Dead [NBC 10]