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Change We Can Frame

There was an article in the New York Times on Saturday about Mayor Nutter’s zany plan to get public input on budget decisions. Whoa, what’s he thinking?!

Anyway, what I noticed had nothing to do with the article, naturally:


Yep, that would be a CHANGE poster. A framed CHANGE poster. Already.

Impressive, I guess, but I would have gone with that lawsuit-inspiring HOPE poster instead.

Turning to the Public for Advice on a Budget [NYT]

City Councilman Loves Coldplay

Late Friday afternoon, Mayor Nutter attempted to sneak the list of mayor’s box attendees at the sports complex from Oct. to the end of 2008 past everyone. Ooh, tricky tricky!

Yours truly will not fall for such Friday news dumps, however. And so I downloaded the full list of attendees. It was pretty boring, actually; just pages and pages of empty listings for Phantoms games, lots of tickets going to the Democratic City Committee and every Disney on Ice show with a box that’s completely full.

Of everything, though, this stuck out:


Looks like Bill Green and his wife just can’t get enough of that Coldplay! Hmm. I’ll give him a pass this time, but if he’s caught attending another disappointing Brit band that’s a worse version of late U2/early Radiohead…

Classy Firefighters To Nutter: ‘Burn!’

It’s no HOPE you don’t die in a fire, but it’s up there. Firefighters protested cuts on Friday, and here’s one of the signs, courtesy of the Fox 10 O’Clock News:

Scores of firefighters also chanted “One-term Nutter,” which is pretty funny not just for its awkwardness but also for the idea that a mayor in this town would lose his re-election bid. Anyway, Michael Nutter might want to fireproof his house, since if it does go up in flames no firefighters will be helping him.

Jamie Foxx Impersonates Mayor, Not That There’s Any Evidence Of It

“I want to thank Jaimie Foxx for coming to Philadelphia, and I just want to say it’s just awesome to have you guys here. And I’m not going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe (widespread laughter).”

Hey, KYW 1060, great job on your story about Jamie Foxx impersonating the mayor. One little suggestion, and I know this is a little silly: You’re a radio station. Maybe put up some audio of Foxx impersonating the mayor? No? Well, okay, I guess it was a silly request.

(And you’re not getting off the hook either, Catherine Lucey! But at least the printed word is what the Daily News trades in. Plus she used to word “hijinks” in the headline. Only a 1 or 2 on the snarkiness factor here.)

Also: The banana in the tailpipe? Isn’t that from Beverly Hills Cop?

Update: HOORAY! All is forgiven.

Jamie Foxx Takes on a Momentary Role: Mayor Nutter [KYW 1060]
Nutter Gives Jamie Foxx Liberty Bell, Hijinks Ensue [Clout]
Thanks, RJ

Nutter: City Finances Even Worse

120908nutter.jpg Oh snap! Michael Nutter said last night the city’s finances are getting even worse, in a non-shocking turn of events.

Citing the recent dismal performance of the city’s pension fund, and startlingly low real estate transfer-tax collections, Nutter said the city’s five-year deficit would be larger than the $1 billion estimate he made Nov. 6.

Just how much larger won’t likely become clear until January, Nutter said, when the administration will be better positioned to quantify it.

The city will begin drafting a new budget then, and administration officials expect to have a fuller picture of how weak the revenue is likely to be this year.

“The warning signs are clearly there, and we wanted to let people know so they weren’t surprised later,” Finance Director Rob Dubow said in a phone interview before the meeting last night.

Startlingly low real estate transfer-tax collections? Geeze, maybe Nutter is just trying for less opposition to his budget cuts. Or maybe we really are just going to have to default on everything and start all over as “Neo Philadelphia” in a few months.

Embattled Mayor Tries New Tactic

Via Brad, a press release from the mayor’s office today. (The full subject line is, “MAYOR MICHAEL NUTTER ANNOUNCES MEMBERSHIP OF MAYOR’S CULTURAL ADVISORY COUNCIL.” Aw, I thought things were going to get really interesting.

Nutter’s Sweeping Budget Cuts

110608nutter.jpg Whoops! Looks like the hope and change promised by the Phillies, Barack Obama and the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t magically make the economy 100 percent better.

Today, Michael Nutter held a big ol’ live television address to let people know about the big budget cuts he’s going to make.

And he’s eliminating snow removal on smaller streets! Those horseshoe streets and cul-de-sacs out in the Far Northeast will… continue to not be plowed, I guess. Also he’s getting rid of the city’s sponsorship of the Dell East Summer Concert Series, which is something the Daily News writes about a lot I think.

City’s Economy Falling Apart Along With Rest Of World’s

Philadelphians may have delighted at the demise of the Mets, but nobody’s happy about the plunging Dow. Things have gotten so bad the libraries were slated to close, and then they didn’t. Somebody think of the children who maybe would have been affected and could be affected in the future. Mayor Nutter even revealed at a press conference the city was considering selling off the top of City Hall to close a budget deficit (at right: artist’s conception).

Okay, so he didn’t actually say that. Selling off City Hall wouldn’t cover it: Nutter said the city is $850 million short. Last month, Nutter warned of a $450 million budget deficit. Not even an economy-boosting Phillies playoff run can make up for the financial hell the world is in.

“I am fully confident that the City of Philadelphia will weather this storm,” Nutter told reporters, so I suppose we can just, say, tie ourselves to the top of a hotel and hope for the best. Paxil helps for this kind of depression, too, right?

Obama Goes After Olivia Nutter

We all remember when Mayor Michael Nutter endorsed Sen. Hillary Clinton (well before actually being sworn in for mayor, if memory serves). Did he do it because Obama endorsed Chaka Fattah for mayor? Lesser blogs speculated that to be the reason but really, who cares? Nutter is all prObama now.

But Obama isn’t done with the Mayor of Philadelphia: he’s going after Olivia. Clout has a short blurb about how an Obama supporter handed Nutter a pin and asked him to give it to his daughter. The button said, “If I was 18, I’d vote for Obama-Biden.”

Just like in the campaign, though, poor Christian was forgotten. Unlike Olivia, he can legally vote. He’s just not as adorable.

Nutter set to vote for Obama [Philly Clout]
Olivia Nutter gets present in Denver [Philly Clout]

Ben Franklin, Mayor Put Heads Together


Hip, hip, hooray! The power brokers in this town (Mayor Nutter, Ben Franklin) are finally doing something about the homeless problem. Yes, it’s “OMG THERE ARE HOMELESS PEOPLE IN RITTENHOUSE” day on I’m not writing about it yet because I’m willing to wait to see where they go next. It should be amazing.

Providing housing for Phila. homeless is slow going [Inquirer]