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Sixers: Back To Old Logo

Took them long enough! Italian Sixers blog — of course there’s an Italian Sixers blog — Sixers 4 Guidos reports the 76ers told season ticket holders they are moving back to the old logo (at right).

The jerseys will be the ones the team wore during the 1982-83 season; the Sixers currently wear the white throwbacks at home games.

The 700 Level has more. Truly, the best move since signing Elton Brand, or Ed Stefanski telling Mo Cheeks to start running midway through last year.’s Fancy Red Dot


I would be remiss if I didn’t point out how much the new logo reminds me of those creepy Powerball ads with the giant red bouncing ball following potential lottery players around.

The Franklin, Reviewed


Brand New has a post on the new logo for The Franklin, which also includes ruminations on the dropping of “Institute” from the, uhm, institute’s name. So, yeah, the review isn’t positive — but no matter what you think of the new logo/name you will enjoy this animated .gif.

Update: I kind of like the logo, just not the font.

Blinq Loses The Staring Contest


Hey, so Blinq has moved to the Inquirer’s in-house blogging platform and, ah, that’s the new logo. I’ve screencapped it instead of simply shrinking the original image because the page now has Harry Potter and Ben Franklin and 10 other people blinking at you aaaaaahhhhhhhh.

Meet the new blog [Blinq]