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Larry: No Sex With Alycia

Hey, that Phillymag with the article about Dawn Stensland (Fox 29 anchor, wife of Larry Mendte, etc.) finally arrived in my mailbox; credit to the paper for actually getting to the only possibly interesting thing about the story in the second section, so I could stop reading it.

Today, Dawn says she believes Larry when he says the relationship between him and Lane was inappropriately close, and included kissing, but the two did not have sex.

And if you believe that, I have an issue of Phillymag to sell you. Then again, if everyone in the TV news business is going to act like 13-year-olds, maybe people only get to second base.

Miss Lane And Mister Mendte

BBC ONE! BBC TWO! etc. A friend in Europe writes in with news of the BBC’s coverage of Larry Mendte Sentencing Day, America’s greatest new holiday. She writes:

This was listed in the “other top stories” section of, right along side “IMF approves aid to Pakistan” and “Obama pledges jolt to economy.” Definitely in the same news league…

Definitely! News of Larry Mendte’s house arrest sent the stock market tumbling. Or soaring, whatever it did yesterday. And the way the story is worded (e.g., “Miss Lane”) is so proper and British; it’s adorable.

A former US TV news presenter who hacked into a rival’s e-mail and leaked gossip to the press has been sentenced to six months under house arrest.

Larry Mendte, 51, was also handed 250 hours of community service and a $5,000 (£3,300) fine. He was sacked in June. [...]

Mendte apologised to Miss Lane, who was present for the sentencing. She provided a confidential statement which was given to the court but made no public comment.

You know what I’d really like to see? That confidential statement. Now if only there were some way to get Alycia Lane’s password and read her confidential communication. Hmm…

US TV anchor convicted of hacking [BBC]

Ben Franklin Supports Larry Mendte

Buried near the end of Regina Medina’s recap of Larry Mendte Sentencing Day in today’s Daily News is this little nugget about who sent letters to the judge in support of ol’ Larry:

Letters of support for Mendte had been sent to the court by his therapist; his colleagues, such as NBC 10 sports director and anchor Vai Sikahema; and even Ben Franklin portrayer Ralph Archbold.

Do you think it was written in faux old-timey prose like the signs at the Betsy Ross House? (”I, Benjamin Franklin, hath no idea what this ‘Inter-net’ is, but Larry hath a good heart!”) I’m letting you know right now: If I ever get arrested, I’m calling out for support from the Phillie Phanatic, Swoop, Hip-Hop, Lil’ G and Big Shot.

Mendte to Lane: I did wrong [Daily News]

Happy Larry Mendte Sentencing Day!

112408mendte.jpg Hey, everybody! Just when we had all finally forgotten about the saga of Alycia Lane, Larry Mendte and some stolen emails, Larry Mendte’s sentencing day sneaks up on us!

Yes, today Mendte will (probably) apologize in court and get probation and maybe some community service. He could technically get up to 5 years. He’s also a convicted felon! (He still gets to vote, though, I believe.)

This morning Good Day Philadelphia had on some defense lawyer who chatted with Jennaphr Frederick for a short while about the Lane case and then went off on Alycia Lane for 2-3 minutes and listed every single possibly wrong thing she had ever done in her life. One of the things was “suing some people and wanting to sue some other people.” Isn’t that the American Dream?

After her spiel Frederick said something like, “Oh. We’re all feeling for Dawn Stensland.” Indeed, we are.

So: Sentencing, later today. Let’s root for him to get put in the stocks!

Sentencing Day for TV Anchor Larry Mendte [KYW 1060]

Masons DO Rule The World

There’s so much in the Alycia Lane lawsuit against Larry Mendte, KYW and Dan Gross to parse just this instant, but deep in the Inquirer’s story is the best part, by far. Emphasis mine:

The lawsuit also describes the aftermath of Lane’s arrest Dec. 17. With Lane in lockup and her cell phone in a taxi, her boyfriend, Booker, was frantically calling people.

Disputing a story reported last December, the suit says that Booker - not Lane - called Gov. Rendell to seek the name of a New York attorney. The suit says Booker knew that Rendell was a former district attorney, a native New Yorker - and like Booker - a Mason. Booker left a message with Rendell, the suit says. In the interim, Booker secured a lawyer.

Man, what a club. Ed Rendell and Chris Booker? It’s the kind of thing that makes a guy want to join the Knights of Columbus.

Lane suit details Mendte gossip [Inquirer]
KYW, Mendte, DN sued by Alycia Lane [Daily News]

CBS 3’s Twitter Couldn’t Be Better


Having problems posting! Also sick! Will hopefully be back with regular content (and EXCITING PHILADELPHIA WILL DO-RELATED DEVELOPMENTS this afternoon!

CBS3 Twitter

Four out of Five Agree: Larry Mendte Should Rot in Jail

PW’s own sister paper South Philly Review has it on good authority that the common man wants to see Larry Mendte go to jail. From Lauren Shumacher of Broad and Jackson streets.

“…he deserves five years, and that’s being lenient.”

That is too lenient, Lauren. I say stockades or bust.

Meanwhile, this guy got off easy: he only has to spend a year in Iraq. Hey! Maybe we can send Larry Mendte to Iraq, too. That ought to teach him not to look at someone’s email again!

Word on the Street [South Philly Review]
Guilty of beating at Phillies game, National Guardsman opts for tour in Iraq [Daily News]

Breaking: Larry Mendte Not As Bad As Detroit’s Mayor

In a baffling column from today’s Daily News, Ronnie Polaneczky draws the comparison between Larry Mendte and Kwame Kilpatrick, Mayor of Detroit and noted adulterer. These are two very different men, in very different situations, in very different cities, but that doesn’t stop Polaneczky from arguing that Detroit’s scummy mayor is worse than one of Philadelphia’s scummy news anchors.

Polaneczky also calls Kilpatrick “the Anti-Mendte,” who’s appearance was foretold in the news broadcaster’s Bible lo many years ago.

The basic point of the column is… well, I don’t know. This guy is worse than that guy, but only kinda-sorta? But now that Mendte has been martyred, and the Anti-Mendte has appeared, it’s only a matter of waiting out the news broadcaster’s End Times. Which anchors will be raptured?

UPDATE: A concerned reader points out that this column is nearly a month old. Apparently I got confused because it was at the top of’s special Mendte-Lane coverage section. This is why I am guest editor and not permanent editor.

Ronnie Polaneczky: Mendte’s not so bad compared to the Anti-Mendte[Daily News]

Larry Mendte > Oedipus

So this Larry Mendte/Alicia Lane thing. How could that ever get boring, right? Well, I mean, if someone were to write an epic column about the two, making grandiose statements about the level of tragedy involved and then chiding one while letting the other off the hook… well that could make the whole thing just tedious. Good thing that hasn’t happened yet.

What’s that?

The Anchor War - with ruined careers, snarled accusations and court appearances - defines “tragedy,” the downfall of characters because of their own flaws.
In TV-land, egos are as big as the moon and fragile as butterfly wings. Made-up faces mask massive insecurity about receiving bloated salaries for looking good and being able to read out loud. The celebrity status can evaporate when ratings dip, or when a new GM comes in and yearns to put his or her stamp on the station.

You know what, Stu is right about these tragic figures. Mendte is like Sisyphus, doomed to pushing a giant KeyKatcher up a mountain for eternity. Lane, of course, is Oedipus’ mom. Because Oedipus’ mom was probably a MILF.
Stu Bykofsky: Mendte & Lane: Behind the Anchor War [Daily News]

Larry Mendte Didn’t Need To Get Alycia Lane’s Bikini Photos, Apparently

Holy shit. Larry Mendte’s statement. This story finally got interesting again.

Let me explain. This whole episode started five years ago when Alycia Lane came to Philadelphia. Almost immediately, Dawn heard rumors that Alycia and I were a little too close and she should watch out.

The rumors were true. Alycia and I had a flirtatious, unprofessional, and improper relationship.

Dawn found proof of that relationship when she waited in my office on New Years Day 2005 and read emails that I had left out on my desk, emails between Alycia and me that confirmed her suspicions.

Dawn confronted me with the emails. I told her the truth. I told her I loved her, and I apologized. I then immediately stopped having long dinners with Alycia, staying out late with Alycia, and I stopped allowing her to come into my office to do her makeup everyday.

The relationship that was once close quickly turned into a personal feud.

Alycia Lane then became friends with others in the building, including the new General Manager. Suddenly, I had shows and responsibilities pulled away from me without explanation. The GM angrily confronted me one day and said that I was bad mouthing him. I was not. But, clearly, I was not on the list you want to be on with the new GM.

I found proof that it was Alycia who was undermining me when I saw an email she sent to management that she left up on the computer she uses on the set.

Then he goes on and on about how keylogger programs are available “too easily” on the Internet (sigh) and how he’s going to become a lecturer on how scary the Internet is. But, really, whatever, this first part is the best.

John comments: “I think the new Philly pickup line should be ‘Do you want to come to my office and do your makeup?’” I agree.

Statement of Larry Mendte []