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Street v. Mandel Event A Hoax?

You know, the event doesn’t seem so fake or anything, but that flier! Jesus it’s like it was done in Microsoft Paintbrush in Windows 1.0, if such a program existed. (At least Windows for Workgroups 3.11.) I’d guess that’s a Signe Wilkinson cartoon, but with extra word bubbles, and, uhm, what is with that font? Ooh, I need to lay down.

So, yeah, this event’s real, of course, but the flier has intrigued me so much I think I need to go just to make sure. Also it’s, like, 2 blocks away from my place, and the Atwater Kent has that awesome giant map of Philadelphia.

Guy You Don’t Know Apologizes


Hey, remember when Louis DeNaples said that he couldn’t recognize John Street because all black people look the same to him? No? Come on, he’s the casino guy who allegedly lied about his mob ties, and we want corporations to make a ton of money on gambling, not mobsters.

Well, anyway, he apologized.

I want to apologize for the insensitivity of this remark. It was wrong, I shouldn’t have said it, and I am very sorry that I did. It came during the course of an exhaustive day of testimony, and it occurred as I was being shown a number of black and white photographs and being asked whether I recognized any of the individuals in the photos.

When I answered, I was referring to my inability to distinguish the people in those photos, and I just didn’t do a very good job of making that point. My remark really was in reference to the difficulty I was having identifying anyone in the photos.

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Mayor Nutter Drinks Brains Of John Street

Last night at TLA/Philebrity screening series at National Mechanics — I’m totally going next week for Dr. Strangelove — Michael Nutter was there. Super cool. And, if you know anything about National Mechanics’ pint glasses, they have photos of, erhm, famous Philadelphians on them like Bill Cosby and Gary Heidnik.

And somebody was smart enough to get this photo:


Yep. That’s Michael Nutter, drinking from a John Street glass. This is way better than when I was in high school and we used to see John Street at Franklin Mills.

Photo by Pete Radocaj
Thanks, Alex!

Well, At Least He’s Honest About It

Louis DeNaples in 2006 told investigators from the state Gaming Control Board: “To me, black people all look alike.”

Eh, it’s not really all that much different from John Street asking if a dead Frank Sinatra would make a campaign appearance for him.

Street ‘wouldn’t recognize’ big donor [Daily News]

2008 Brings Triumphant Return Of Milton


Ohh, Milton! After dropping out of the public eye for many months after defeating only two candidates in the Democratic City Council At-Large primary, Milton Street is back!

By “Milton’s back”, of course, I mean the federal government is preparing for the fraud and tax evasion trial of the mayor’s brother. But, hey, same thing!

Friday, prosecutors filed court papers detailing their plan to nab Ol’ Uncle Milty. They’re prepared to call 47 witnesses, including Milton’s son (Thomas Milton Street Junior!) and a “woman familiar with Street’s wagering practices at Philadelphia Turf Club,” according to the Daily News. (You see? Barbaro is involved with this case, too.)

Connie Little, a former top aide to the mayor, could testify about money paid to Milton Street from Mayor Street’s campaign! All in all, it’s going to be a great little trial, and you can expect Philadelphia Will Do to cover it with the furor of an Alycia Lane uppercut.

Street’s Last Act To Whip City Into Shape


Leave it to John Street to introduce an initiative that references the 12 Days of Christmas… after Christmas. Yes, one of the mayor’s final acts in office is the city’s new health initiative.

You may remember John Street as the guy who’s in actual shape and who takes care of himself, unlike a previous mayor who shall remain nameless. Street got the city out of the pointless #1 spot in Men’s Health’s fattest cities list, and now he’s doing belated Christmas caroling.

“On the twelth day of Christmas, the Mayor gave to me, 12 celebrations, 11 bikin’ buddies, 10 acts of kindness, 9 sunlight minutes, 8 tips on eating, 7 hours of resting, 6 lung expansions, 5 super greens, 4 luscious fruits, 3 action workouts, 2 water jugs, and a health plan, en-tire-ly FREE!”

Whee. Now that’s a convincing list to get you into shape.

Bill Clinton Comes To Philadelphia


Hide your daughters! America’s favorite philandering president of the 20th century (Protestant division) is in town today. Bill Clinton’s speaking at a fundraiser for his wife at the Constitution Center. John Street is expected to be there as well, so somebody better get a photo of Clinton with Street looking goofy or I’m gonna be really disappointed.

(The mayor’s press release, incidentally, calls him “William Clinton.”)

It’s tonight at 7:30. Coincidentally, that’s the same time as tonight’s rock paper scissors event at Dirty Frank’s.

Ha Ha John Street Got An Angry Jesus Fax


The Inquirer’s Heard in the Hall reports of an angry fax Mayor Street got from Jesus regarding his decision to officiate a gay marriage this Saturday (the people at right are sadly neither the complainers nor the people getting married):

No, Mayor Street, Same-Sex Marriage is Not Legal In Pennsylvania

(Philadelphia) – Outgoing Mayor John Street’s decision to perform a same-sex commitment ceremony on Saturday at City Hall offers a further explanation in the course Philadelphia has taken in the past several years. Today the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide group which supports Pennsylvania’s one man, one woman marriage law and the effort to pass a Marriage Protection Amendment to the PA Constitution, faxed the mayor a letter of concern outlining the wrong messages that will be sent by his involvement in Saturday’s activities.

“Mayor Street has drifted off course during his political career. Once a strong advocate for traditional values, he can no longer be trusted to uphold those values that are supposedly part of his belief system,” said Diane Gramley, President of the AFA of PA.

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Street, Nutter Best Friends All Of A Sudden


Guess who Mayor Street asked to be a guest speaker at his Temple class? Our esteemed mayor-elect, Michael Nutter. Nutter praised himself, apparently: “I think that’d probably be one of the most well-attended classes that he gives.”

More Nutter on Street: “He wants things to be as smooth as possible and I greatly appreciate that. We’re two very deeply passionate caring public servants, and from time to time we might have a difference of opinion about some public policy sisues. It’s not personal. And I think Mayor Street wants to make sure that the city of Philadelphia … functions and operates well after his term is up.”

On a side note, Mayor Street’s adjunct professorship at Temple made the front cover of Metro today. Things are looking up for Johnny in his final weeks.

Temple Having A Great Day


Fun fact: Back in 2003, Bill Cosby believed John Street was being investigated by the Bush White House for being a black Democrat and (presumably) supported him in his bid for mayor.

Well, in related news, John Street is going to teach at Temple after he’s done being mayor. A release says:

As an adjunct professor of political science, Mayor Street will teach two sections of a course whose topics will include the challenges of improving and funding public schools; the development of such major capital projects as stadiums and convention centers; public support for the arts, tourism, and recreational facilities; the city’s role in assisting private businesses and developers in locating and financing capital projects; and the design and execution of comprehensive programs to reduce inner-city blight and transform commercial districts and residential neighborhoods.

Street will also be teaching a class titled “The Wacky Hairstyles of Politicians, from James K. Polk to John Street.”