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Sexism: Still Not A Problem In Jersey

An update on the question asked by the Camden Courier-Post:


“Not a problem” has increased its lead since last glance.

April 17: Sexism Conquered; Let’s Move Onto Next Problem

Sexism Conquered; Let’s Move Onto Next Problem


Well, it’s settled. Not a problem.

Do you think sexism is a major problem in this country? [Camden Courier-Post]

America Votes, Unfortunately

If you watched any ESPN or visited on Saturday, you no doubt were bombarded with mentions of the Breeders Cup, apparently the biggest horse race of the year despite the fact that’s what was said about any of the Triple Crown races, and the fact that you’ve never heard of the Breeders Cup before.

After the race — where some horse you’ve never heard of beat a favored horse you never heard of! — ESPN’s website had a poll for the Horse of the Year, with the top two horses in the Breeders Cup and, of course, Barbaro.

Early on in voting, Wyoming immediately became my favorite state in the union:


Yes! Nobody in Wyoming cares! Thank you, new greatest state ever! And.. oh…

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NBC 10 Asks The Tough Questions


Oh, Christ. (Currently it’s 65-35 No, by the way.)

NBC 10

CBS 3 Runs Out Of Poll Ideas


But they did affirm that there are people who are into civic discourse enough to vote in an Internet poll, but not enough to vote in an actual election. Eh.

Sept. 21: Will You Vote In This Internet Poll?

This Just In: Philadelphia Loves Sex Toys


The most lopsided poll not involving Joey Vento, by the way.

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Sex-Toy Case [AP/NBC 10]
June 7: American Speak

Will You Vote In This Internet Poll?

A poll on CBS 3:


Alas, if only those 21% of people could vote on their local news website, they’d probably consider doing it.


Warning: Objects In Washington May Not Appear In Philadelphia


Tomorrow’s poll is going to ask if we felt an earthquake in Asia.

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s… [NBC 10]

There’s Only One Logical Solution To All Of This: Replace William Penn With A Larger Version Of The ‘Rocky’ Statue

A poll from CBS 3’s website:


Guess which way I voted.


Some Percentage Of Philadelphians Think City Is Moving In Some Direction has an Associated Press story today about a recent Keystone Poll taken by Franklin & Marshall College. Here’s the headline:


And a poll on the side of the story is, of course:


You see, this poll is different. It’s asking if Philly is moving in the right direction. Very different.

Poll: 64% think Philly is moving in wrong direction [AP/]