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The Budding Question’s surprisingly one-sided poll today:


Man. Would those two narcs quit harshing everyone’s buzz?

Pot proposals: Calif. sees tax windfall, N.J. eyes medical use [Inquirer]

Hot, Hot Cereal!

I almost forgot to post this poll from yesterday!


I didn’t mean to click ‘none,’ but I’m not going to go back and edit the screenshot to fix it. I haven’t had oatmeal in forever, I should totally go back and try it again sometime…

The Best Poll, Ever

Everybody overuses the “best/worst [x] ever” construction; I am probably among the primary offenders. (I’m working on it.) But this time it’s serious. End the voting, stop the recount, etc., etc. There is no way any poll on can ever top this one attached to Elmer Smith’s column today.

Personally, I thought Obama would lose the election because of the McCain camp’s last minute surprise video of Changey McHope doing blow with Marion Barry. But I guess it’s either “race” or “inexperience.” Sigh.

Poll: What is more likely to cost Obama the election? []

Radio Host Fired For First Time Ever


Chris Booker has been fired from his morning show drive-time job at Q102, the Inquirer reports in a rather huge headline on the front page of currently. (The website also switched from a photo of Booker himself to one of him and girlfriend Alycia Lane. Good move!)

Q102 is apparently moving “to a show that’s more music-intensive.” Oh, and Diego Ramos will not be fired, though a bunch of other people have been axed as well. I can only imagine that Barsky will soon be the host of a new morning show somewhere.

Booker told Mike Klein he was surprised: “I’ve been fired before for low ratings, but never for being No. 1.” On a side note, I enjoy tremendously the poll question on the front page of “Speak out: Did the station act hastily?” Ooh, yes, they should have waited until a full investigation was done of his show. Due process!

Booker is fired from Q102 [Inquirer]

CNN Has Nothing To Report On


The Internet was abuzz yesterday over the photo at right (click to enlarge), which shows a naked woman in Dick Cheney’s sunglasses! Well, okay, it doesn’t, it’s clearly a fishing rod, and everyone was sorta just joking around about it. (The post I first saw it on even made that point.)

But no matter! This morning CNN picked up the story and ran with it, saying the blogosphere was abuzz over the photo — and even running a poll about it! The poll, incidentally, was tied; the anchors than proceeded to read viewers’ bad jokes on the air. Video after the jump.

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CNN Runs Out Of Questions To Ask


This is basically the equivalent of asking: “If you could be King of Mexico, what kind of crown would you want?” It’s a question with exactly zero relevance to anyone reading And just because Miles O’Brien likes boring ol’ space doesn’t mean I want to hear anything about it. Wake me up when we go back to the fucking moon.

On the plus side, at least Ron Paul won’t be winning this Internet poll. It’ll be the first one he hasn’t won in months.
Holy Shit, Man Walks On Fucking Moon [The Onion]

Andy Reid Knows You Don’t Have To Field A Punt


Ah, but here is the question: Is this a joke answer, or just the level of confidence of Eagles fans in the other three choices. (I think some polls may have been crossed, as if you check now, the leader is currently “Finley,” mascot for the Camden Riversharks.)

Courier-Post Online’s, Uhh, 95 Theses

A poll on


Oddly enough, this poll surmises there are only two types of people in this world: (a) Catholic and down with indulgences and (b) Protestant. But, hey, less time in purgatory!

Philadelphia archdiocese offers indulgences [Inquirer] Poll: Indulgences [] Visitors Have Better Taste Than You’d Think


Woohoo! Now maybe they’ll take the giant Idol news off the front page? Naw, we’re not that lucky.

Results: What did you think of the ‘Idol’ charity show? []

Someone Desperately Attempting To Make Va. Tech-Penn’s Hey Day Connection Stick

Front page of


Yes! How dare students have fun when a tragedy happened a few days prior many miles away!

Also, uh, this is pretty lopsided, even for an Internet poll.

Results: Should Penn have canceled Hey Day in response to the Virginia Tech massacre? []
April 20: ‘Inky’ Destroys Field In Inappropriate Lead Competition