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Devout Nun Honored By Giant Hot Dog Man


The Inquirer’s Susan Snyder has a nice little piece today about Holy Family University’s president, Sisten Francesca Onley, who has been president of the ‘Fam for 25 years.

That’s a long time, even for a religious institution, though as the article notes, “Widener had the same president for 42 years, from 1888 to 1930 (when it was known as Pennsylvania Military College).” During her term (reign?) as president, she’s presided over new construction, the upgrade from a college to a university and the founding of an actual endowment.

Most importantly, she chairs the International Association of University Presidents/United Nations Commission on Disarmament Education, Conflict Resolution and Peace. Imagine! A religious leader who’s interested in peace!

Needless to say, Sister is from Mayfair.

Anyway, the story in the Inky begins like this:

Many college presidents might best be suited to dining at an upscale Center City restaurant like the Palm. And Sister Francesca Onley could eat there, too, but ask her what she really prefers.

“Get me a bologna sandwich,” says the 73-year-old nun who heads Holy Family University in Northeast Philadelphia.

Butterscotch Krimpets and hot dogs are top fare, too.

Aw, that’s not too bad. Cute beginning, showing her down to earth nature, contrasting Holy Family with other schools, wait, what’s that in the next paragraph?

So it was only fitting that students last month marched into Onley’s office dressed as some of those favorite foods to launch a celebration of her 25th anniversary as president of the university.

Well, hey, I don’t know if even the Pope’s ever received that kind of a welcoming.

The guiding light at Holy Family [Inquirer]

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