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Hip-Hop: Demoted?

Times are tough everywhere, even with the cable giant that owns our local basketball and hockey franchises. Hence, the 76ers have apparently expanded the duties of rabbit mascot Hip-Hop.


Previously only limited to cheering on the 76ers, dunking off a trampoline, eating carrots and looking creepy, he’s now helping put in the floor for the 76ers’ Spectrum farewell game on March 13.

Anthropomorphic Rabbit Sure To Lead 76ers To Promised Land

102908hiphop.jpg As you may remember, last year the 76ers had quite the season; they finished 2 games under .500, returned to the playoffs (this is the NBA, after all) and took 2 games from the Pistons in the first round. Then, this offseason, the 76ers not only signed Elton Brand but cut a lot of the deadweight off the roster. A bench with Royal Ivey, Kareem Rush, Theo Ratliff and Donyell Marshall instead of Kevin Ollie et al? Um, yes, sign me up.

(Side note: I actually went here and looked up who was on the 76ers bench last season. The 76ers traded Rodney Carney and Calvin Booth to the Timberwolves; they’ve actually signed Kevin Ollie as well. The rest of the guys on the bench? Herbert Hill, Shavlik Randolph, Louis Amundson. Ha, ha.)

But don’t sign me up for tickets to the season opener, because that’s tonight at the Wachovia Center. (That Daily News story is headlined “Sixers president/GM Stefanski set dominoes in motion for new-look team,” yet another quick, witty headline the Daily News sports section is best known for.) The game has been moved up to 6 p.m., even, due to the baseball game.

The 76ers sent out a helpful email detailing the in-game entertainment in tonight’s opener (thanks RJ):

1/2 QTR Break: Hip-Hop & the Hare Raisers Dunk Show
Halftime: Human Slinky
3/4 QTR Break: Carvel Tricycle Race

What, no musical chairs? The Carvel Tricycle Race, though, I could see bringing in the crowds.

Editor’s Note: Naw, seriously, the 76ers are going to be awesome this year. 49-33, No. 4 seed in the East, lose to the Celtics in the second round of the playoffs. It ain’t perfect, but it’s a start.

Mayor Chats With MC Hammer


The Daily News‘ Catherine Lucey noted yesterday that the mayor met with MC Hammer — and the pair discussed rapping!

Nutter tells PhillyClout that during the former rap star’s visit to the Mayor’s office, he played him the YouTube clip of his inauguration party performance of “Rapper’s Delight.”

And Hammer was impressed. “He thought it was good,” Nutter said.

Now that he’s locked up Hammer, the endorsement of Vanilla Ice can’t be far behind.

The MC and the Mayor [Clout]

The 76ers Have A Winning Record (!)


At the start of the season, Kyle Korver was on the cover of the team’s media guide, Hip-Hop the rabbit mascot was on billboards (he still is) and Billy King was the GM. The 76ers have since even waived the suave European they traded Korver for.

Last night, the 76ers erased an 11-point lead with a 19-0 run in the fourth quarter against the Boston Celtics and beat the best team in the NBA, 95-90. Andre Iguodala scored 10 straight for the 76ers in the run; Boston didn’t score for almost seven minutes. After starting 18-30, the 76ers have gone 17 18-5 to climb above .500.

2008 has so far featured Eli Manning leading a game-winning drive in the Super Bowl, and now the 76ers winning 17 out of 22 games. I could have gotten better odds betting on Fan Man coming back to life and crashing into the Super Bowl.

After the jump, a sick Andre Iguodala steal and dunk.

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76ers Celebrate MLK Day With Rabbit

Above, the Philadelphia 76ers celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy by throwing Hip Hop, their rabbit mascot, into giant bowling pins. Afterward, Eagles receiver Reggie Brown does not compare Dr. King to Donovan McNabb or Terrell Owens.

Finally, A Presidential Candidate For The Rest Of Us

Democratic candidate Mike Gravel, you have my vote. If I were a Democrat. And the Pennsylvania primary mattered. But, uh, yeah.

I’m Voting For Mike Gravel Now [Wonkette]

The Best Use Of $4157 In State Money Possible: ‘Don’t Hate Me ‘Cuz I’m Homies With Pennsylvania’s Gov-nuh’

Hey, so back to that groundhog thing. Yeah, Monica Yant Kinney writes today about the rapping groundhog used to promote Health Careers Week (this week!).

The gist of the video: You should get a job in the healthcare field. But instead of just saying that, the state decided the best way to do it would be to put a guy in a groundhog suit and have him rap in a hospital.

Although you wouldn’t know it by the production values, the state produced all this by itself. I must admit, the PA keystone pendant is a nice touch.

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Rapper Gains Fame By Not Winning VH1 Contest


The Courier-Post profiles a rapper who’s doing a show at Rowan. The lead:

When we last left Michael “Neuse” Bozzuffi a year ago, he was slumped over on a couch, surrounded by friends. They helped ease his pain after he watched on live TV to find out he wasn’t going to be crowned the VH1 freestyle hip-hop king.

Wait, really? I mean, I could see being upset you didn’t win the cash prize, but wouldn’t winning the VH1 freestyle hip-hop contest actually hurt your rap career? Just a thought.

Oh, yeah, the comments on the post are pure comedy gold, as apparently holding a hip hop concert shortly after a murder on campus is evil and caving in to the Islamofascists or whatever.

Aspiring hip-hop star to take stage at Rowan [Camden Courier-Post]

CNN Accidentally Running Special From 1991

Yes, how are they getting away with it! How dare they make music and then attempt to sell their creation to people! POISON, I say, POISON! I can’t wait for CNN’s special about pogs. Could metal slammers hurt our children’s eyes? How are these manufacturers getting away with it?!

Actually, I do have a question: How can CNN get away with putting this crap on the air? Shouldn’t they be out of business? Oh, wait. CNN’s competitors are Fox News and MSNBC. Now I understand.

Rap Superstar


Oddly, Eminem is scheduled to be the graduation speaker for next year, and I would bet he’ll quote Jodie Foster. Heh. Small world.

Foster Quotes Eminem at Penn Graduation [AP/Yahoo!]