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Forget Arizona, Bring On Bolaris!

Look, I’m excited about the Eagles. Very excited. But right now I cannot — cannot — stop laughing at the thought of a thousand angry Eagles fans cursing John Bolaris’ name when he suddenly appeared on the screen as the Eagles were about to beat the Giants and head to the NFC Championship. Then, it happened again, with ads for Verizon and Progressive Insurance.

All in all, not the best weekend for Bolaris. There’s this, and Saturday’s storm that failed to materialize, making the promo that interrupted the game about 100 times funnier. I’d stay inside for the next couple days if I were Bolaris.

Phillies Win Despite Worst Call In Baseball History

The Phillies won big last night over the Mets, 9-2, in a series they probably have to sweep, or at least sweep the games Adam Eaton isn’t pitching. They didn’t get any help from umpire “Cowboy” Joe West — is he a pro wrestler or something? — who made this Tim Donaghy-level horrible call in the first inning because he was too lazy to get into position.

We’re entering the end of baseball’s regular season and the beginning of football’s, i.e. one of the best sports times of the year. That the Phillies are still kinda-sorta in it makes it all the better. Let’s just hope the umpires don’t try to screw the Phillies out of another win like in Houston earlier this year.

And So It Begins…


Sometime over the weekend, YouTube unleashed a bunch of content-deleting zombies onto the website and began deleting perfectly normal fair usages of video clips. Mainly, content from Comedy Central and the NFL seems to have been deleted, with clips of other sports probably on the way next.

So, weep, Internet public, as you can no longer view this kick by David Akers’ hit the post loudly and go in, and you will have to get that moment squarely from memory.

For now, all we can do is look to the future and find a new video sharing site with owners without such deep pockets.

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