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Drawing Of Man Will Save You From Home Invasion

Yes, this is, just like the photos below, fairly pointless. But who cares! Check out this snippet from Fox 29’s report last night on a home invasion near Temple; 10 seconds in, the camera shifts to a home’s window.

For those of you who want to put what I can only assume is an effective home-invasion deterrent in your window, a larger screenshot is after the jump.

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A (Blurry) Message To All Philadelphians

There’s an art project going on all month called Show Someone How You Feel About Something, where kids draw something to show how they feel about something. (Duh.) The project takes place at Clark Park on Saturdays and A-Space on Sundays and Mondays.

SEPTA Watch points out one bitching about SEPTA, always a fun pastime of any adult or child. But I happened to be at A-Space last night to talk with the Philly NORML guys and spotted a bunch of them on the walls.

There was one with drawings of condoms, telling Mayor Nutter to allow ‘em in Philly schools, a couple addressed to The Pope and one saying Bush should be impeached, saying kings have been beheaded for less. And then there was this one, addressed to Lynne Abraham. I snapped a photo with my camera phone.


Aw, hell. It came out all blurry. Well, I started the post, I might as well finish it. (This is the kind of award-nominated dedication you can expect from Philadelphia Will Do.) Anyway, if you look closely, you might be able to see what it says: Dogs, not semi-automatic weapons. Why didn’t we all think of that before?