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“Start Snitching” T-Shirts Will Save Us All

When a t-shirt takes over your city, the only thing to do is fight fire with fire. So with the death grip of the “Stop Snitching” clothing line around Philadelphia’s throat, one man came up with a brilliant plan to save us all: “Start Snitching” t-shirts.

The shirts say “Don’t Let Me See You Do It”–sounds kind of passive aggressive to me–and will set you back $10 to fix all the crime and social problems in your neighborhood. But boy does it work! Here’s some guy to explain why it’s effective:

“Jeff has a concept that wakes people up,” said Warren Smith, [shirt creator Jeff] Templeton’s next-door neighbor. “There’s a group that says ‘don’t snitch.’ This is the opposite of that.”

Ah! It’s so simple! Buy this shirt and everyone will start snitching! It’s so much easier to fix a long-embedded culture of crime and violence with a t-shirt than it is with any social reform programs! Who’s got ten bucks?

Germantown man’s campaign: ‘Start snitching’ [Inquirer] (Written by former PW staffer Kia Gregory! Hi Kia!)