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Donald Trump Understands Politics

It’d been a while since Donald Trump had been in the news around here, so yesterday he bashed Ed Rendell at a New Jersey golf course opening. It turns out that, instead of giving the casinos in Philadelphia to Donald Trump, Ed Rendell went and gave them to his friends instead! At least this is what Donald Trump says; considering this is also how politics works, I see no reason to think he’s wrong.

“What the governor did is outrageous,” Trump said. “He let a group of his political friends go to another site.” But the Daily News got the other side of the story:

Rendell “has always considered Donald Trump a friend,” Ardo said. “That should put to rest any insinuations that only friends were considered for gaming licenses.”

Ha, ha! Um, I guess. In other Trump news, Ivanka Trump is on the cover of Atlantic City Weekly this week, and she’s a Trump people actually like (and even admire!), so let’s just forget all about this Donald guy. Wait, who?

Trump: Rendell’s no friend of mine [Daily News]
Trump Sumptuousness [AC Weekly]

Atlantic City’s Signature Attractions


And you thought the Trump Marina was classy: Ivanka’s pop has sold the Atlantic City casino to a group that plans to turn it into the Margaritaville casino; a KYW 1060 reports the “Maragitaville Marina Resort Casino” is “for those who are fans of the Buffet lifestyle as portrayed in his music.” Indeed! It will be the second Margaritaville hotel; another is under development in Biloxi, Miss.

That’s not all that’s going on in Lannick Siddy. The Borgata’s new $400 million tower is set to open sometime next month. Oh, sorry, not a tower:

Borgata executives resist using the term “tower” to describe The Water Club, preferring instead to call it a “signature hotel.”

Ahh, yes. Signature hotel it is. It will look so classy next to Kahunaville or whatever.

[one of these via Down the Shore with Jen]

Evil Homeless People Nearly Disrupt Gambling


Yesterday, several buildings caught fire on the Atlantic City boardwalk, interrupting many vacationers’ plans to buy t-shirts with stupid slogans on them (”I’m not as think as you drunk I am” being the pinnacle of such shirts), to purchase items for 99 cents and to, uh, get a massage.

Also catching fire were the headquarters of the casino commission, although NBC 10 lets us know the important details.

Investigators said homeless people living illegally under the boardwalk might have started Sunday’s three-alarm blaze that destroyed five businesses and damaged casino offices. No one was hurt in the fire that broke out near Ocean Avenue, and casino officials said gaming in the city should not be affected, even though control offices were damaged.

Phew! Those terrible homeless people, starting a fire and nearly disrupting the plans of vacationers to give their money to rich people. You people are the reason why Donald Trump is leaving AC. Ugh. Can’t the homeless think of anyone but themselves once in a while?

Police: Vagrants May Have Started Atlantic City Boardwalk Blaze [NBC 10]
Officials trying to find cause of Atlantic City boardwalk blaze [AP/]
Trump’s A.C. era could be near end [Inquirer]

Wrestlemania Fever Invades Broad Street!

Broad & Locust (click to enlarge):


Yep, that’s Donald Trump on the giant billboard, too. And “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Of course.

Just What A.C. Needs: More Gambling


Casino impresario Steve Wynn is so needed in Atlantic City that a state senator has suggested turning Boardwalk Hall into a casino for Wynn, writes the Inquirer’s Suzette Parmley.

There’s no real legislation he’s planning, but he did float the idea to see how “anyone who has an interest” would respond. His model for the $3 billion renovation he’s proposing is Union Station in Washington D.C., only he wants to do it with slot machines.

The kicker? A full-scale renovation would pave the way for ex-bitter rivals Wynn and Donald Trump to kiss and make up and operate an expansion of Trump Plaza. The rumor is Trump would sell Trump Plaza to Wynn in exchange for good land in Las Vegas, where Trump doesn’t have a casino, oddly enough.

So, basically, what does this mean? More places to gamble in Atlantic City. Yeeha! Oh, and supposedly the developers are supposed to build a new arena to replace Boardwalk Hall if they want to turn it into a gambling mecca.

Boardwalk Hall’s extreme makeover [Inquirer]

Pair Of Trump Cards

Today, the Daily News published this correction:

A photo caption in yesterday’s Daily News incorrectly stated that Donald Trump took part in Monday’s LOVE Park celebration of the new advertising alliance between and the Daily News and Inquirer. The mascot, which is named Trump, was part of Monday’s festivities.

Totally understandable, obviously. But, so you don’t make the same mistake — imagine the horror of calling’s mascot Donald! — here’s a handy pocket reference guide you can print out to tell the two apart:


They could be twins!

Corrections [Daily News]

Leftovers: JGT’s Big Top

• Be sure to check out Johnny Goodtimes’ Roadtrip Blog, which he’s doing for as a part of some promotion. You may remember that I posted this early last month. If this isn’t the strangest thing to come out of my blog, I don’t know what is. [ Roadtrip]

• What’s scarier in this story: That Penndot managed to put up a sign that says TRUKC, or that said sign costs $3,100. Mhmmm, let’s go with the latter. [AP/NBC 10]

• The now ex-Lehigh student who robbed a bank last December has pled guilty. [AP/The Express-Times]

• The hottest fad in Philadelphia is, of course, barbershop. Baby on board, something, something, Burt Ward. [KYW 1060]

• The Tasty Baking Co. has sold out to the Donald. Well, sorta. The Donald paid Tastykake $1.4 million for the option to purchase the site. It’s like a personal seat license for a casino! [Daily News]

Leftovers: Snitchin’ Ain’t Bitchin’

• Ex-Rick Mariano lawyer Nino Tinari is now a consultant with Philip Chartock’s defense team, who are now saying Mariano was simply a thief and not someone who could have been bribed. There are so many stories that you just can’t make up today. It’s been too much. [Inky]

• Despite all this, here’s the headline of the day: “NFL Great’s Relative Admits Having Sex With Student.” Yes, and it’s George Halas’ great-nephew. That’s a bit of a stretch. [NBC 10]

• How do you publicize next month’s Phillymag issue? Why, you publish the article about Donald Trump online, because what we really need is to read more about him! The kicker, though: The article’s effing detailed, well-sourced and actually just tremendously interesting. One of the better things I’ve read in a while. Yes, I know. Black is white, and down is up. I can’t figure out what the hell’s going on, either. [Phillymag]

• Ex-MTV jock Chris Booker is headed to Q102, and the straight ladies and the gay men scream. Meanwhile, everyone else is like, “Holy shit! Q102 still exists?” [Inky]

• This story has everything: A ridiculous interpretation of spelling bee rules, a lot of angry parents, a lot of angry parent backlash and a newspaper editor accusing another newspaper of doing hack jobs on the spelling bee his paper sponsored. It’s the scandal of the century in the Lehigh Valley! [A List Of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago]

• A woman in Bucks County has topped that whole newsstand stealing thing: She stole a whole house. She didn’t get a crane to pick it up or anything, though — check fraud is not nearly as cool. [AP/Inky]

Leftovers: Is the Pizza Pope Catholic?

022706redpanda.jpg • Hey kids! Want the opportunity to (1) make more money than I do and (2) get poked fun at on this website at least once a week? Metro is hiring! []

Kevin Smith is coming to speak at Penn! And what he is known for, according to the campus paper: “His films are also known for for sexual references and graphic displays of bodily functions.” Indeed! [Daily Pennsylvanian]

• Fearing the success of Marley & Me will put America’s CQ (Cuteness Quotient) at levels that the Chinese could not ever match, the nation opens a panda kindergarten. [Reuters]

• Ahh, but America returns the cuteness volley: Red pandas doing online dating! That means that, despite having both tried online dating, the red panda Fagan is leading me, 1-0, in number of dates. But how can I be mad when the little buggers are so cute! [6 ABC]

• The official mascot of the NCAA, J.J. Jumper, caused $6,500 worth of damage to the Columbia student TV station’s equipment when he accidentally backflipped into it. Sadly, this is probably the highlight of the year for the Columbia athletic department. [Columbia Daily Spectator]

• Earlier today I admired Bode Miller’s use of the Olympics as simply a two-week party. Now it’s time to admire the rich. Mark Cuban is offering a million dollars for charity if Donald Trump blows up a rubber glove with his nose on For Love or Money tonight. Make it $2 million for Trump to put on the J.J. Jumper costume and you could probably get elected president, Mark. [Blog Maverick via Deadspin]

• Will the day soon be coming when bloggers accept oral sex for linking new products? I’m a little easier than that. Really, all you have to do is laugh at my jokes and I’ll write whatever you want. [Jeremy Zawodny]

• The founder of Domino’s Pizza — the “Pizza Pope” — is planning the first “Catholics only” town in the U.S. No abortion, no fornication, no contraception, &c. And, on Tuesdays, Jesus’ blood is three goblets for $7 and comes with a free side of consecrated cheesy bread! [The Sunday Times]

Quickies: In the face of heaven

• The Inquirer’s own Faye Flam asks: Do people have sex in heaven? Since we don’t know, we better all just have as much sex as possible now, just in case the answer is no. [Inky]

• At least in Bucks County, adult acne is on the rise! And studies show that a person with just one zit a month can get as depressed about it a person with a face full of it. Can you mainline Accutane? [Bucks County Courier Times]

• Things considered sexual harassment at Penn, according to the campus paper: Licking lips or teeth, winking or throwing kisses; holding or eating food provocatively; staring at an individual or looking a person up and down (so-called “elevator eyes”); giving personal gifts. Better carry around some chapstick. Oh, and don’t use a napkin. [Daily Pennsylvanian]

• And, finally, if you’re looking for some extra education, check out Trump University. It’ll teach you how to be a media whore while getting everyone to ignore all the times you filed for bankruptcy. [Camden Courier-Post]