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Serial Puppy Thieves On Loose In Delaware


Three women — see, it wasn’t me — stole a West Highland White Terrier puppy from a pet shop, which is a place you shouldn’t pay to get a dog from, let alone steal. The Pet Place is Hockessin, Del, is now missing a $600 female pup, the second Westie taken from the store in just over a month.

According to The Early Show, though, police departments are now using CSI-type tools and, uh, special effects to solve animal crimes. Animal CSI, they’re calling it.

“I have to be the voice. I have to be the voice of the animal… It is very much just like ‘CSI,’ except our victims cannot testify,” says the forensic vet of the New York ASPCA. Of course, prosecutors have decried the CSI effect, which makes it harder to get convictions since jurors are expecting slam dunk cases. It’s best to just help the animals, though.

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