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Oh Good We Found The Missing Radioactive Device Wait What Do You Mean THE DEVICE WAS CRUSHED SENDING RADIATION INTO A BUILDING?

Missing! Radiation!

Yesterday, a man found the missing radioactive device in the Nicetown section of the city at a scrapyard. Well, only the case was found in the scrapyard. The radioactive gauge was found in the building next door and had been put into a crusher. Oh, that’s okay. Wait, what?

As the anchors made sure to note approximately 45,000 times during yesterday’s 5 o’clock news broadcast — Is there anyone in this town who isn’t a shameless annoying self-promoter? No. Good, just checking. — the man who found it found out about the missing radioactive case from Good Day Philadelphia. Dave Schratweiser said the scene “looked like something out of a counter-terrorism drill. But this was the real thing.” But, ah, it wasn’t really an act of terrorism.

The yellow box was found in a side yard, while the radioactive gauge was found inside a building. The material was contained inside the building, and eventually cleaned it up. Now it’s contained in a drum and some private company will eventually clean it up. Until they forget, and then pretty soon there are Philadelphians with three arms.

Nuclear Gauge Found, Cleanup Underway [MyFox Philly]
Yesterday: Oh Hey How’s That Audenreid High School Project Going Well You Say Wait What Was That YOU LOST THE RADIOACTIVE DEVICE?

Oh Hey How’s That Audenreid High School Project Going Well You Say Wait What Was That YOU LOST THE RADIOACTIVE DEVICE?


In yet another job of crack Philadelphia competent work, yesterday a portable radioactive device was reported missing from a South Philly construction site.

The device can’t be used as any kind of bomb — unless MacGyver stole it — and was taken from a construction truck on the 3300 block of Tasker. The device is used for measuring the density of soil at construction sites. It won’t harm anybody from a block or so away, but anybody who tries to tamper with it, handle the radioactive source or use it as a football could be risking exposure to dangerous material.

If you see the device walking down the street, talking to a terrorist or running for mayor, police have asked you to, uh, call them. It’s a bright yellow case with the radiation symbol on it. And to those of you who have other radioactive devices — in your homes, at your job, at your construction sites — please remember to keep a close eye on them.

Update, 10:58 a.m.: Ooh, nevermind! Cops found the device in Nicetown at Germantown and Hunting Park Avenues. Hooray; we’re all safe!

Stolen Radioactive Gauge Found In Nicetown [CBS 3]

Breaking: Upscale Store To Open On Walnut Street! Wow!


Today, ARC Properties — the part of ARCWheeler that’s dealing with the new 10 Rittenhouse Square project — announced that Barneys New York has signed a lease to occupy at least a part of the 10 Rittenhouse retail space. (It just says Barneys; I’m assuming this means it’s Barney’s New York and not some sort of discount brand.)

Construction on this building isn’t expected to end until sometime in 2008, so it’ll be a long while before you females can live out your Sex & The City-type recreations inside the store.

Alas. Walnut, though, does continue its upscale trend, especially west of Broad. Are there even any dollar stores left?

Full release (in JPEG form, as it arrived!) after the jump.

Update, 5:32 p.m.: A source confirms that it’s a Barneys Co-Op and not a Barneys New York. The Co-Op is their “younger-themed” store or whatever. Right.

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Giant Drink Tumbler Just What Wildwood Needed

In case you were wondering if Wildwood could get even more condo-fied, well, you’re in luck. The answer’s yes, and the results are… well… that thing at right (click to enlarge).

The monstrosity at right is none other than the Wildwood Beach Hotel & Resort, slated for completion in 2009. It’ll sit directly across from the Wildwood Convention Center, which puts it at around Ocean & Montgomery. It’s not the only new high rise going in on the tiny island. The Atlantic City Press reports that Wildwood recently raised its height maximum — 12 stories — allowing this 25-story resort as well as a bunch of other high rises that already have city approval. (There may be an issue clearing some of the high rises with the state’s Department of Environmental Protection, because of bird migration patterns or something.)

But back to the Wildwood Beach Hotel & Resort. It’s clearly positioning itself as a year-round destination, since it will feature a spa, indoor shopping, an indoor beach and wave pool (!) and a convenient hop, skip and jump to the Convention Center. (The website also calls Wildwood’s sand “finer than any you’ll find in the Caribbean.” There’s more kids’ urine in it, too.)

The design is pretty good up top, with the yellow and oldish motel look. But, uh, giant drink tumbler? Giant lava lamp? Guhwha? It’d look nice and even appropriate without the giant tumbler and lava lamps, but with them, it’s… uh… is there a stronger word than kitschy?

Of course, the $225 million, 190-condo, 150-hotel room resort isn’t just about making money. No, it’s about helping families victimized by 9/11, according to Christian Nickerson (the head of developer Princeton Junction Development Partners):

“As a survivor of the 9/11 attack on Tower One of the World Trade Center, I believe people think differently about travel,” Nickerson says. “Many families would like to have a taste of the Caribbean without the hassles of airport security, passports and a long plane ride. Even in winter, visitors would be able to relax at our indoor beach.”

Oh. Well. God bless your resort, then, Christian. But if your indoor shopping forces the Boardwalk Mall to close, well, there will be hell to pay. There’s a bunch of links below if you want further info on the de-Wildwoodification of Wildwood.

Wildwood Beach Hotel & Resort
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Coming 2009: Wildwood Condos! Plus Waterpark! And 9/11 Exploitation! [New York Observer Real Estate Blog]
Wildwood developers look to sky [Press of Atlantic City]
Developers Unveil $225M Hotel/Condo Project [Globe St.]

Leftovers: The T-Shirts Are Coming!


• The Daily News takes on t-shirts again today in an editorial, saving their greatest wrath not for me (aw, you guys!), but for the t-shirt manufacturers. Fair enough. But, please, nobody tell the editorial board about T-Shirt Hell (actual shirt pictured) — they might have an aneurysm. [Daily News]

• A building being demolished in Mt. Airy collapsed earlier today. Two men were trapped and later rescued. [NBC 10]

• If SEPTA doesn’t get a billion more in funding, fares will have to be increased or services will have to be cut. Oh, that’s okay, SEPTA’s better than perfect right now; they can afford to cut a few things. [Inquirer]

• Just as soon as the government has gotten rid of the fee added to all DSL services, Verizon is replacing it with a fee of its own. But of course. Inky biz columnist Andrew Cassell thinks it’s totally boffo. But of course. [Inky]

• Just one day after he was called up… Michael Bourn was back down to the minors. Quoting Paul Hagen: “Then, after the game ended, it was announced that Bourn had been optioned to make room for Hernandez. He arrived at the park just in time to get the news and never even put on a uniform. He’ll return to Florida and then accompany the U.S. Olympic qualifying team to Cuba tomorrow.” This is the second time he’s been called up and immediately sent back down this year. He’s going to punch out Pat Gillick pretty soon, I bet. [Daily News]

• Liberty Property Trust learns that it’s pretty easy being green at the Naval Yard. [Metro]

Leftovers: F—ing Interesting

• The Language Log investigates the history of using asterisks or dashes to block out those d— curse words. Turns out it goes back to 1680! Fucking interesting, I say! [Language Log]

• Philly gets some love from CNN for not being as fat as we used to be. Yes, they’re praising our city for a woman (Fitness Czar Gwen Foster) who came up with the plan of “virtual ‘trips’ to creatively named cities such as Hon-A-Lose-It, Hawaii; and Las Veggies, Nevada.” Eh, sounds good to us. Hooray for a more fit Philadelphia! (Well, according to suspicious magazine rankings.) [CNN]

Puppy in a hose! [Cute Overload]

• The Philadelphia Archdiocese is being sued under federal racketeering laws. Legal experts — surprise — say it’s a long shot. [Inquirer]

• Philadelphia’s Planning Commission seems kind of like every other kind of government in this town. Maybe the world. [Changing Skyline]

Blogicized: Hip New Hotel Complete With Refinery, Planes, Swamp

• Starwood is opening its hip new Aloft hotel — aimed at “Generation X” — at the Philadelphia airport. This is better than when they built that Hilton on top of the Garage at 10th and Filbert. [The Illadelph]

• Ed Rendell has unveiled his wine shipping plan — and, yes, it still includes the 18 percent tax to help the citizens of Johnstown recover from that drastic flood early last century. It’s still a pretty good plan, which is shocking, considering this is Pennsylvania. [Phila Foodie]

• Thanks, Phillyist. I really needed to read an article about shit. [Phillyist]

• Joe Vento needs to learn himself some Ingish. [Philebrity]

Blogicized: Worst Year Ever

• People in Philadelphia, apparently, don’t know when they’ve been shot down, even if it takes them a year to notice. (I’m past that point; I know when I’m being rejected. It comes sometime in the five minutes following, “Nice to meet you.”) They also, apparently, have the “worst year ever,” which is kind of confusing until you remember this is Philadelphia. [Starting A Landslide in My Ego]

Anthony DiMeo, III vs. Tucker Max, Philly Future and You. The headline says it all. [Philly Future]

• CHOP to build $400 million facility, to keep kinda creepy “CHOP” acronym. [America's Hometown]

Famous (Zoning) Cookies

This week’s Center City Weekly Press contains a 1700-word article about how the Bella Vista Zoning Forum called for change recently. If you’re not up for reading this much about the Bella Vista Zoning Forum — or if the impending doom in the headline of “Bella Vista Zoning Forum calls for reform — but whose reform?” didn’t inspire you to read it — I felt the need to read it, and can recap for you.

Really, all you really need to read is the part where Zoning Board of Adjustment David Auspitz urges of community members to write their concerns:

Auspitz also urged people to email him with their concerns and ideas as long as they don’t talk about current cases (which he is not allowed to discuss while they’re on-going). With comments of less than three paragraphs write him at: Otherwise at

Because you can’t really separate David Auspitz from his famous cookies, can you?

Front Page [Weekly Press]

Leftovers: Beerleaguer, International Megastar

051206weitzel.jpg • Congratulations to Jason Weitzel, who’s featured in Metro today — talking about his Beerleaguer blog — and about ‘Phlogs’ (sigh) in general. And his modeling headshot was way better than a photo of a fat guy in a Love Park t-shirt, which was a photo of some local blogger a few weeks back. [Metro]

• Hey, the Phillies won, too! [AP/Yahoo!]

• The best part of this anti-Barnes Tower website is not the design, not the fact that words like GHASTLY MONSTROSITY are used (yes, in all caps and bold) but the fact that something actually topped in terms of overstatement and poor design. [Fight The Tower]

• Phillyist jumps in on the photos of doggies action. But of course. [Phillyist]

• The biggest question half the city is asking about the mail carrier who dealt drugs while on his route: Damn, why don’t I live on his route? [Metro]

• Yesterday, President Bush pledged support for nuclear power. Or, of course, as he calls it, nucular power. Ba-dum-pum. [Bucks County Courier Times]