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Hey, remember this?

Yes, of course, you remember that, it was hilarious when Chase “The Model” Utleybot 5000 said “World Fucking Champions” on live TV during the Phillies parade.

Somebody (Mike Klein, I guess) at the Inquirer got the good idea to FOIA the complaints to the FCC over the incident; the result is this article from the Inquirer that details the Utley complaints. Some of them are great.

“If they didn’t want such words to be broadcast, they should have aired [it] on a delay to catch any obscene language,” wrote a viewer from Philadelphia. “Pull their license to broadcast.”

The Phillies? All the local TV stations? Man, it aired on pretty much every channel, I really don’t want to have to watch just MyNetworkTV and the CW from now on, although I guess I would still get Gossip Girl.

Another viewer wrote: “He should be disciplined for his lack of respect towards his fans and in particular the children exposed to such vulgarity. . . . The broadcasters are not at fault. Chase Utley is.”

Disciplined… by whom? The Phillies, I guess. The Phillies could suspend him or fine him or something. Why this person would be writing to the FCC about this, I have no idea. But people do just complain about anything to anyone, as we’ve seen.

On a side note, can we look at what Chase Utley said to deflect questions about saying fuck on TV:

“I tell all kids not to use that word. If they’re 29 and they win the World Series, I think they can say that. But I definitely would say to all the kids out there, ‘Kids, it’s a bad word. Don’t say it. And I’m dead serious.’”

Ha ha, great, I mean it. I also love how dead serious he is — dead serious enough to say “And I’m dead serious.” Don’t say that word, kids. Take it from me, Chase Utley. Look at all the stupid mail I’ve had to deal with because I said it!

Another: “This was not a casual slip. This was an intentional misuse and abuse of the public airwaves. . . . How am I to explain such profanity to my child?”

I don’t know, maybe you can explain to your son or daughter that multimillionaires who have an uncanny ability to hit a ball (far!) with a bat sometimes say silly things, including saying the one word you’re not supposed to say on television on a live television broadcast. Ha ha, that was so awesome, I just remembered.

And another: “It was embarrassing that he was allowed to do that and if there are no ramifications I will be furious. Is there no platform that is sacred anymore?”

Yes, back when World Series victory parades were sacred. Like when the Philadelphia Athletics won the World Series in 1930, and they had the big parade, and second baseman “Camera Eye” Bishop gave a speech about how the A’s finished 102-52 but their Pythagorean record was only 93-61 and it just made him go, “World Bullfeather Champions.” Yes, I don’t know when things changed, but I bet it’s when they took the prayer out of World Series victory parades.

A radio listener who wrote, “I heard it here in Camden,” said: “That sort of language is no big deal… except that Howard Stern was driven off free radio by you, the FCC, because of content and bad words and the like. It’s only fair that broadcasters be held to the same standards… Fine KYW as much as you are legally allowed to fine them!… Lord knows the US Treasury could use the money.”

And, of course, one of the letters is from a Stern fan. I would wager good money the next sentence of this was, “Baba Booey, Baba Booey, Oh my, Richard Christie!”

FCC gets complaints on Utley’s on-air F-bomb [Inquirer]

Utley Possibly Out Until June

112008utley.jpg Hey, so here’s a good way to start the next Phillies season: Chase Utley is out ’til June.

The team announced Thursday that second baseman Chase Utley will need right hip surgery that potentially could keep him out until the first week of June.

Utley consistently downplayed speculation about his bad hip during the second half of the postseason. But the Phillies revealed Thursday that since the World Series, he has had the hip evaluated by Phillies team physician Michael Ciccotti, of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital’s Rothman Institute, and by Dr. Bryan Kelly, of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.

Both doctors recommended that Utley undergo surgery on his right hip. That procedure, described by the club as an “arthroscopic evaluation with treatment of any labral or bony injury,” will take place next week.

Ooh, I am so mad at Jefferson for telling Utley to have surgery without thinking of the Phillies first! Or maybe this will make into a superplayer when he comes back, an adult Rookie of the Year if you will.

But How Patriotic Is Chase Utley?

A letter in this week’s Northeast Times:

Regarding your editorial last week, Curse of the Phillie, yes, I agree that Chase Utley should not have used the language he did at the Phillies celebration parade.

You were right when you said our children and grandchildren should not have had to hear that language. However, our children and grandchildren had to hear Barack Obama’s “mentor” say “It’s not God bless America, it’s God damn America.” I and my entire family took great offense to that. Something like that will remain in their minds forever, but I’m sure Chase Utley’s bad language will not last as long.

Oh, goodie, I guess we’re going to keep hearing about Rev. Wright forever and ever and ever now, aren’t we? I do commend this letter writer for the stretch she had to make to get anti-Obama material into a letter about the Phillies. And for having a family that is somehow traumatized by something they heard a preacher say on the teevee.

Man, it would have been awesome if Chase Utley got up at the parade and went, “World ‘GOD DAMN AMERICA’ Champions!”

Yes, Here’s The Clip You Want To See

Things we know about Chase Utley:

1. He’s a rather talented baseball player.

2. He just loves little puppies and kittens.

3. He likes to eat breakfast at Morning Glory.

4. He likes to curse.

Hey, why aren’t Chase Utley and I best friends? Three of those items describe both of us! (The one that doesn’t is #1, in case you’re a fuckin’ moron.)

Phillies Against Dodgers, Umps, Themselves

Spread this meme around: The Phillies are getting screwed by Bud Selig, Major League Baseball and everyone else who’s scared of a World Series without Manny Ramirez and Boston. (See: Rays 9, Sox 1, earlier today.) Okay, maybe not, but how else do you explain the announcers openly rooting for the Dodgers? And how do you explain the called third strike to Chase Utley (at right), which was “just a bit outside.”

The Phillies remained up a run ’til the Dodgers got 2 in the bottom of the 5th; the Phillies got the first two men on in the top of the 6th but then Charlie Manuel bunted with Shane Victorino. The Phillies ended up only getting a run. Chad Durbin gave up a homer to Casey Blake and a double to Juan Pierre. Now Scott Eyre is in, and Tim McCarver is saying that if you grow up in a small town you are not likely to enjoy curtain calls.

Now Ryan Howard threw the ball away, and the Phillies are down 2 runs. It’s like my idea of Hell. Ugh.

Ha Ha, Brewers

The Phillies are now up 3-0 (!!) thanks to some patience at the plate from Pat Burrell and Shane Victorino (RBI walk). But before that, Chase Utley got a 2-RBI double when Mike Cameron (above, dropping the ball) misjudged the ball and saw it go off the top of his glove. And before that, Rickie Weeks dropped the ball at first on a Cole Hamels sacrifice.

Carlos Ruiz got the only clean hit of the inning when he led off with a single. I know: Carlos Ruiz!! Who knew?

Phillies Magic Number: 1!

Never. A. Doubt. Last night, our Fightin’ Phils clinched at least a tie for the the NL East title with an 8-4 victory over the Washington Nationals and a Mets’ loss to Florida. (Thanks, guys!) Ryan Howard hit a three-run homer and Chase Utley hit a bases-loaded double to life the Phils.

A win today at 4 pm over the Nats (on FOX) would give the Phillies a second straight division title. A Mets loss would do the same. So would a win or a Mets loss on Sunday.

The Phillies won 90 games for only the 12th time in their 126-year history. The Phils haven’t won consecutive division titles since the 1980 World Series win and the first half of the strike-shortened 1981 season. (The only other time the Philadelphia National League baseball club strung together division crowns was when it won three in a row from 76-78. The Phils have won the NL East eight times since baseball began divisional play in 1969.)

The Mets are now actually a game back in the Wild Card as well, as the Brewers won last night. Everything’s kind of going right for the Phillies right now; there’s even a dude on Arizona with more strikeouts than Ryan Howard. But if the Mets miss the playoffs! Ha, ha–Oh, let’s not count our eggs before they’re hatched (and all in one basket). Now go win a second straight division title, Phillies. For the first time in my life. Uncle Cholly, we never doubted you.

Phillies Get Bad Omen At All-Star Game


Major league baseball’s All-Star Game just ended a few minutes ago in the 15th inning. Guess who the losing pitcher was? That’s right: Brad Lidge gave up the game-winning sacrifice fly in the bottom of the 15th.

When the Phillies reach the World Series this year, they will have to play on the road. (For those who didn’t know, the team that wins the All-Star Game wins home field advantage for the World Series.) On the plus side, ex-Phillies closer Billy Wagner blew the save in the 8th inning in non-shocking fashion.

The Fightins have a whole two days off, then head to Miami to play the third-place Florida Marlins. Catcher Chris Coste also had a book signing yesterday in North Dakota; apparently he did not believe he was going to make the All-Star Game this year. Way to give up early, Chris! (Well, okay, I guess it was a pretty safe bet.)

AL 4, NL 3 [AP/Yahoo! Sports]
Photo by BenYankee, Creative Commons license

Utley To Yankees Fans: ‘Boo? Fuck You!’

Chase Utley was booed at the home run derby last night, and fortunately was caught on the mike telling Yankees fans what he felt. “Go fuck yourself” might have been a better thing to say, but we’ll have to settle with what he said. (Because we can’t handle the word fuck in print, the Daily News for some reason prints “(bleep) you.” Seriously, guys?)

If you watched last night’s home run derby, you no doubt saw ex-drug addict Josh Hamilton hit 28 homers in the first round. Hamilton got off drugs in part by finding Jesus. This led 700-time Sportswriter of the Year Rick Reilly to say, “It’s a lousy night to be an atheist.” Since Hamilton is Christian, was it also a bad night to be a Muslim or Jew? (The difference is: If Reilly had said, “This is the worst night for Jews since Kristallnacht,” he would have been fired.)

Reilly is, of course, correct: God rarely interferes in human events anymore, but he does every once in a while help a Christian in the early rounds of a home-run hitting contest or two. Every once in a while he even helps them break storied records, like Bobby Abreu’s historic total of 24, which has stood for an immeasurable amount of time (three years). I’ve always thought it was kind of weird that God interferes in exhibition contests (that aren’t even a baseball game) and not, say, the postseason, but who am I to question? He’s God.

Once you get to the finals, though, you’re on your own. Hamilton hit just three homers in the final round and lost to Justin Morneau, who was promptly called the wrong name. But, ha, ha, Chase Utley cursed on live TV before the game, which really gives a way better high than heroin.

Phillies Have Yet To Melt Down


Hey, how about that local baseball nine? The Phillies scored six more runs yesterday to get Adam Eaton his first win and sweep the season series with the Rockies (5-0). Take that, NL champs! The Fightins are now 31-24 and have a three-game series this weekend against division leading Florida, who are only a half-game up right now.

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