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Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats


The hilarious “Atlantic City Warnings And Dangers” page on VirtualTourist — sample quote: “Another thing that really bothered us was the amount of peep shows and adult book stores in this town. This could be rather disturbing if you have small children.” — isn’t the only great thing about Atlantic City. There are also the boardwalk cats, groups of kitties that live on the beach under the boardwalk.

Cats got on the Atlantic City beach a long time ago, and the colony of feral cats is now fed by the AC Cat Action Team (CAT!). Thanks to them, the cats are among the most well-fed outdoor kitties you’ll ever see. It’s fun to walk along the boardwalk and check out the cute cats lounging around on the beach, chasing bugs through the sand dunes and even walking right up on the boardwalk (specially when there’s nobody around in winter).

Above is my favorite shot; I took it Sunday morning. So cute! There should totally be a sports team in AC named the Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats. This is so much better than “Surf” it’s not even funny.

‘Aurora’-Sensing Cats In NE Philly

Oh, yeah, this letter in the Northeast Times, too:

Pets are smarter than we think

Ms. Gina DeNofa’s letter in the Sept. 11 edition, Adopting a cat is purrfectly human, was a grabber in terms of the public’s general attitude toward felines in general and pets in particular. Cats and many dogs are highly perceptive of the human mind and can detect moods of anger, happiness, pain, sadness and loneliness and give so much back in silent adoration. For instance, they can perceive a non-violent human (but not an animal lover) and will walk away from them.

It has been said we humans have an aurora or colored lights that emanate all around us, that only animals can detect and pick up on and respond, similar to that personal feeling we experience when we first meet them or humans. In any case, we all need one source of communication in one form or another, and our pets fulfill this need.

Yep, this is what the newspaper is resorted to printing now that the usual letter writers are distracted by’s comment sections.

Definitely a long first week of Autumn. Nobody anywhere is in a good mood. The election is unbearable, the economy has collapsed, the sun hasn’t been out, everyone’s super busy for no reason. AND THE PHILLIES. It’s too nervous to even think, or write, about that. People are telling me, “Good luck this weekend.” Yes, yes, I’ll hit a few homers. But for now: Off the Internet for the night. I’d love to shut off Philadelphia for a few days, but I guess I have to let the Phillies give me a few heart attacks. Some updates over the weekend, honest! If you need to know that you can trust me, just bring a cat toward me and have it sense my, uhm, colored lights.

Cape May Should Not Have Crossed Cats

Score another win for the federal government! Earlier this year, the feds (along with the state of New Jersey) encouraged Cape May to move a colony of feral cats off the beachfront because they might kill endangered birds. The cats were moved off the beach, and now the beach has a skunk problem.

Animal Control Officer John Queenan said he has gotten very few calls about skunks on the beachfront in his 23 years of working in the city but that suddenly he is being inundated with such calls. Queenan said he relocated the feral cats to the Cape May Harbor area in February, and he began receiving skunk complaints this summer. “Nature takes its own course. One species in eradicated and another comes in,” Queenan said.

There isn’t much Queenan can do, he said. The new beach-management plan designed to protect piping plovers and other endangered species takes control of predators - except cats - on the strand out of his hands. It is up to the state Division of Fish and Wildlife to deal with the skunks.

Queenan recommends using coffee cans filled with ammonia-soaked rags to deter skunks, and notes that they would not be there if not for a food source. [...] However, Queenan says that removing the skunks may invite another problem, such as the Norway rats that live in the jetties. There is food and shelter, so wildlife will fill the void once occupied by the feral cats.

If you didn’t get all that, let’s recap: Cats could eat endangered birds, so the cats were moved. This brought in skunks, who if moved will bring in rats. So the only way to stop the skunks is to put ammonia-soaked rags in coffee cans. Ahh, yes, what a wonderful time down the shore, smelling skunks mixed with ammonia and coffee beans.

As far as I know, the Atlantic City boardwalk cats are still okay.

Feral cats gone, Cape May now as a problem of a different stripe [Press of Atlantic City]
Photo by Andrew Larsen, Creative Commons License

I’ve Already Ordered Three


44-pound stray cat bulges out of box []

The Story Of The Summer


Oh, yes. Chunky the fat cat is back on the front page! Turns out Princess Chunky is actually a male, according to her original owner. Also, look, he got top billing over Nathan Lane on Regis & Kelly!


I guess fat cats have more star power than fat gay actors.

Princess Chunky’s owners found — are they homeless? [Inquirer] Is On Drugs — Really


Be still my heart. It’s like my two worlds (drug column and blog where I have made fun of for almost three years) have collided! The current front page is about stoner comedies. Yes, the paper that wrote about the area’s “marijuana overdoses” last November has its film critic writing about movies that essentially have weed as the main character.

As you may have also noticed, the other big story tonight is: OMG the giant fat cat is going to be on Regis tomorrow everybody celebrate like gangbusters!!!

Smoking the funny stuff [Inquirer]

Fox Beats To The Punch


On Fox 29’s front page not only is there a story about the abnormally large cat, there is interactivity. And there will soon be many more abnormally large cats, one can assume.

Earlier: Fat Cat Biggest Story Locally Yesterday
Thanks, Joe

Fat Cat Biggest Story Locally Yesterday


You had to know the fat New Jersey cat was going to end up as the main story on at some point. (This was from yesterday.) If this cat was homeless and lived in Rittenhouse Square, though, the Inquirer would be calling for it to be executed.

Thanks, John

Recommended: Scene In 2008


I must belatedly recommend Tom Gralish’s project on his Scene on the Road blog. He’s taking a photo for a day the entire year, and recently got to day 100.

While I posted his photo of the kitty since people on the Internet love cute cats and I really love this dude inexplicably carrying a car bumper, my favorite so far is this re-creation/homage to George Tice’s famous Mobil Station photo in New Jersey. (It’s now a Lukoil.)

Scene on the Road

Ex-Nun Hordes Super Fast ‘Matrix’ Puppydogs


In Mayfair, a former nun was cited with 62 counts of animal cruelty after investigators found, uh, 46 cats and 16 dogs in her home. The woman apparently was taking in any animals she could get and the place was overrun with cute little bundles of fur.

Neighbors told NBC 10 the stench overwhelmed the neighborhood for two years, so they’re finally happy everything doesn’t smell like shit anymore.

Anyway, while the workers were bringing the dogs out, a few of them escaped, some of them apparently at warp speed, according to the photo above that looks like the poster for The Fugitive. They eventually caught all the dogs in the driveway (called an “alleyway” everywhere but Mayfair).

Also the ex-nun was outside of the house wearing a Phillies t-shirt. Silly. It shoulda been a Michael Vick jersey!

Former Nun Cited For 62 Counts Of Animal Cruelty [NBC 10]