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063008cheesesteak.png’s current previous front is devoted to Karen Heller’s column on cheesesteaks. Heller’s column is mostly a recap of the recent hilarious Internet drama-style cheesesteak war in City Council, but veers off at the end into a discussion about why the cheesesteak is annoying. Heller proposes the city’s sandwich be a “roast pork Italian with aged provolone and broccoli rabe.” (Hmm. A bit wordy for my taste, though I do appreciate any sort of attack on cheesesteaks, the most overdone Philly thing besides Rocky.)

There isn’t any new Alycia Lane or Kidd Chris news, so plastered this on the front page. And now there are over 100 comments. And they’re pretty typical of the website with the world’s stupidest readers; my favorite is, “Next person who tries to defend this woman will find me outside of their residence/place of business w/ a tire iron and a determination to ‘keep it real.’”

We’re coming up on even slower news days — both later this week and in the news-dry month of August. John Carroll and I came up with some future front-page topics for, which you can read below. These are sure to attract a ton of comments.

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