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Eagles Shoving Way To Super Bowl


All year, we Eagles fans have been waiting by the phone, waiting for somebody to call us up and tell us we’re not alone. These hangups were getting us down. And yesterday, Donovan McNabb told us, “Hello, operator, headed to the NFC Championship with this number of regular season wins: 9!”

Sorry, I’m done. Kudos to the Daily News for their “Can You Hear Me Now?” cover, though; not only was it good, it prevented me from making the first paragraph in this post worse.

In terms of celebrations, yesterday’s McNabb phone call was more Joe Horn (couldn’t find the cell phone to celebrate) than one of Terrell Owens’ carefully scripted stunts. But no matter. It was, by far, the best thing McNabb has ever done. If you didn’t like that yesterday, stop rooting for my football team.

I’m sure he’ll take some flak for it — after all, McNabb can’t win here no matter what he does (even if the Eagles win the Super Bowl, I’m serious). Yeah, it was stupid — he got a 15-yard penalty — but one can only assume he was calling Plaxico Burress, thanking him for shooting himself in the leg and making this game a bit easier easier.

(But, really: Whatever. I don’t know if Burress would have mattered yesterday at all. Down two scores in the fourth, the Giants were essentially running the ball into the line. Eli Manning, for whatever reason, was sloppy all game; would he even have been able to get the ball to him?)

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Giants Fans Head Into Hibernation

How. About. That.

The Eagles are headed to the NFC Championship Game. I’m going to spend the rest of my day reading articles from mid-season about how Eli Manning is better than his older brother. At least they both have the DoubleStuf League to fall back on!

Next week, it’s on like Donkey Kong in Arizona, as the Eagles take on the Cardinals (of all teams). Revenge for the horrible field in the 1947 NFL Championship is finally at hand!

Update: By popular demand, here’s a larger version of the above image.

Great Moments In Design


Look, Larry West went to all the trouble of making this graphic, the least I can do is share his post about local blogs’ extreme lack of advance event notification. I also liked this long post about Saturday morning cartoons, while I’m at it. (No mention of Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue, though?! That was the event of Saturday morning cartoon watching in whatever year it aired.)

Total Winners, Indeed


At the risk of these selling out and me not being able to get one, here’s a shirt from Space 1026. Available Thursday at B2 cafe, 6-9 pm, and Saturday at the Punk Rock Flea Market.

Barack Obama & the Philadelphia Phillies Total Winners!!! [Space 1026]

Hospitality’s Birthplace


Thanks to RJ for directing me to this directory of old Whiskey ads, which has four ads for Philadelphia Blended Whiskey, made by the Continental Distilling Corp.

My favorite is the ad above, from a 1943 issue of Life. As you know, if there is one thing you can say about Philadelphia, it’s that it truly is the “Birthplace of Hospitality.”

Protesting Philly Residents Have Incredible Signage


Huge ups to whoever made this sign It’s Our City called “mean-spirited” (no way!) at Monday’s budget cuts town meeting with the mayor. Just when I thought the stupid “HOPE” meme was finished, it turns out there are a lot more ways to go with this. “CHANGE Your plan for budget cuts” would also have worked.

But as the WHYY blog points out, “Top it off, this is an area that has fought ground wars before i.e. Sugarhouse Casino. That war is still going on.” I can’t believe we’ll soon have our 1,000th casualty of the Great Casino War.


Inquirer Really Going All Out On Mendte Coverage

Are you following the the Larry Mendte sentencing feed from the Inquirer?! If not, I believe you can see from the above why you need to be on it right now.

Update, 3:15 p.m.: Silent for 8 minutes!! Larry Mendte must have hacked the account to prevent it from updating anymore.

Update, 3:16 p.m.: Phew, back!! The tension there was so palpable I need to get a drink.

Update, 3:50 p.m.: “Mendte gets 3 years probation, 6 months home confinement, 250 hours community service, computer monitoring plus a fine.” Ha ha, computer monitoring!

Did Mayor Nutter Just Tell PETA To Shove It?

At the Phillies Rally earlier today, Mayor Nutter announced he would be raffling off a few pairs of tickets for games 3, 4 and 5 of the World Series. And all you have to do is email the answer to a trivia question to

Looks like the mayor is doing some Sarah Palin-esque official business on unofficial computers! Or, as my friend suggested, 400,000 emails an hour might crash the city’s severs. Hell, you can’t even get to without typing in the www.

“I know all Philadelphians share my excitement about the World Series and I want to give everyone a chance to watch the games with me,” Mayor Nutter said was quoted as saying in his release. “Head to your local library, send me an email with the correct answer, and come Saturday night you might be watching the game from the Mayor’s Box.”

Here’s where it gets fun. The question, written in huge letters in the release, is:


Everybody who’s been paying attention already knows the answer, of course: PETA recently asked Victorino to stop eating the meat in his favorite dish as part of their ongoing “stupid publicity stunt” campaign. “We suspect that the cruelty in every can of Spam will infuriate Shane more than a high Hiroki Kuroda fastball,” PETA Assistant Director Dan Shannon said in a statement. Yes, a PR person actually put that quote down, thought about it and decided, “Yeah. This is what I was going for.” Little do they know Shane Victorino hates animals!

Everybody only knows the Spam answer because of PETA’s protest. I don’t really see how it’s a shot at PETA — oh no, he referenced meat! — but it’s just too perfect. Literally three people I talked with online agreed it had to be. Three!

Anyway, go mail the answer and your address and phone to that email address by Thursday at noon. Or just do it now. And CC: PETA.

Update: Fixed the email address (for the record, I had it right in the mailto:). Also: This photo is excellent. But we all know the Phanatic will hobnob with any politician.

Neasties Not Sold On This ‘Barack Obama’


Amazingly, the editors of the Daily News decided to run the greatest story yet written this year in Saturday’s edition (official motto: “Nearly 2 cents per page!”). Dave Davies followed around Joe Biden in Northeast Philly, and the laughs didn’t stop ’til he left the Dining Car.

But first, Davies chatted with Mike McAleer, the Democratic ward leader in the 66th ward, home of one Daniel Hall McQuade for the first 17 or so years of his life. What’s the problem with getting people there to vote for Obama?

“The Dunkin’ Donut crowd tells me that we’ve got everything going for us but Obama,” McAleer said. “They can’t give me a direct answer. Do I have them right now in the 66th ward? No. But I got 60 days to get them.”

Asked what the problem is with Obama, McAleer paused and said: “It’s his color… I tell them he’s half white and half black. He’s got a better perspective for everything in this country.”

Oh, to be a fly on the wall during a conversation between McAleer and one of those 66th-ward Democrats he’s talking about. But perhaps the vice presidential nominee will have a better shot than the ward leader. Let’s go to the Dining Car!

In a corner booth, Biden sat down and, after a moment’s conversation, planted a kiss on the forehead of Carolyn Bauer, age 89. Bauer explained afterward it wasn’t such a friendly encounter.

“I told him I’m not going to vote for him,” Bauer said. “Anybody who runs with a guy with a name like that is not going to get my vote. It’d be disgusting to get a man named Barack Obama as president of the United States. No way. I mean it… I’m going to vote for McCain and the lady.”

“[Obama's] a Muslim,” Bauer added. “He pretends to be a Christian, and he isn’t, he’s a Muslim.”

McCain/the lady ‘08, apparently! Hope you enjoy your 71-year-old president, America.

Biden gets mixed welcome in Northeast [Daily News]

They Went On Down (To Applebees)


A PR person sent this photo to PW of the women who lined 15th Street last week attempting to get a chance to audition to be one of Carey’s Cuties (ha) on The Price is Right, where they would have the opportunity to point at a toaster. If they’re lucky.

This is a wonderful country in many ways, isn’t it?