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Your Bikini Cover Photo Update


Kudos to Atlantic City Weekly for running what a down the shore newspaper cover photo should look like.

Beach Bars are Back [AC Weekly]

Atlantic City: It Was A Very Good Year

Leno with AC Weekly

PW’s sister publication — is that how you introduce it? — down in Atlantic City did a year in review issue this week and marked on a calendar the biggest events of 2006.

Here are two of the first three:


Jan. 26: The new Atlantic City Wind Farm is featured on the cover of AC Weekly.


Feb. 27: Jay Leno holds up the Jan. 26 issue of AC Weekly (“Tourism that Blows”) on NBC’s Tonight Show during his funny headlines bit.

Real mile a minute at those shore resorts during the winter.

2006: A Roller Coaster Year [AC Weekly]
Mar. 7: ‘Atlantic City Weekly’ makes the big time

Thar, she blows

The cover of this week’s Atlantic City Weekly (which, yes, is a PW-parent company Review Publishing product, but, oh, come on):


Tourism that Blows [AC Weekly]
Full cover image here [AC Weekly]