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Finally, A Way To Track Andy Reid’s Weight

011309reidyears.jpg Hey, sports fans! I know what you all really want to see, and that’s a slideshow of Andy Reid through the years. Oh, man, there’s Reid and his wife at a 76ers game in 2001! Who could forget that time? And a munch younger Reid in 2001! And…

Holy God, this thing is thirty photos! I guess I’m going to have to go through and pick out the highlights, this slideshow is so important. Well, let’s see: Actually, I remember photo number four, or at least I remember when the Eagles finally clinched the division for the first time since 1988. (I was there. The girl who gave me the tickets for my birthday is now married. Aww, how nice.)

Photo #7 is our first interesting one so far, because Reid has a funny expression. And, wow, he really still has lost a lot of weight since then, even if he hasn’t kept it all off. Kudos, Andy.

Speaking of weight, here’s Reid eating sundae at training camp (photo #10) in 2002. I really enjoy the caption: “Eagles head coach Andy Reid bites into a ‘Andy Reid’ sundae, and he said a ‘monday & tuesday’ at training camp in 2002.” Are we to assume Reid stood there for two days eating sundaes? I’m pretty sure that’s it. By the way, 33.3 repeating done!

And now I’m nearly halfway in, and here’s Andy Reid coaching the Pro Bowl, which used to be an annual occurrence. Look, Jeff Garcia is in the background! The previous three or four Reid photos before this one were all just him at a press conference. Useful. But think of the pageviews!

Halfway through, and photo #15 is just a drawing of Andy Reid. Ha ha, whoever drew it made him super fat.

Photo #20. Man, is there any expression for Donovan McNabb but “goofy”? I really don’t think so.

Ha, ha, photo #24 isn’t even of Andy, it’s of his son Britt following a guilty plea. Classy, I would have gone with an instructional drawing of how to put pills up your ass, but that’s just me.

Then, after a ton of Reid son photos, we’re back to football at #28, from a preseason game this year. The slideshow didn’t include that photo from the back of the Daily News the year the Eagles went to the Super Bowl, the one I was looking for and expected to see, possibly the only interesting photo of Andy Reid ever. But whatever, at least there were 7 shots of him at press conferences!

Photo #30. I dunno; maybe this expression isn’t goofy? Kinda, still, though. And by the end I think Andy has gained all the weight back, though he definitely looks better now even though he’s older. Come on, Andy, you can do it!

Reid This!


Did you notice a few thousand drunk people shouting things like, “Hey! How ’bout them Birds?” last night, seemingly at random? Yes, perhaps you figured it out then: The Eagles played a little sloppy but beat the Vikings, 26-14, moving on to the Divisional round of the playoffs. They’ll play the Giants (ooh!) next week at the Meadowlands.

The game was broadcast by Fox, so we were treated to the usual nonsensical on-screen graphics. There was no Keys to the Game-style madness, but we did get that great stat above about Andy Reid’s historic 7 Divisional playoffs in 9 seasons record. Congratulations, Andy!

Gary Papa’s Emotional Moment

Hey, so here’s Action News‘ Gary Papa on the 6 o’clock news last night, getting emotional after Eagles coach Andy Reid visits CHOP. Aww, Gary! After the commercial break, though, Jim Gardner makes it all better by joking that Gary was just upset because someone repossessed his car.

Also notable is Reid’s comment to the media on the kids at Children’s Hospital of Phialdelphia: “They’re fired up and ready to go.” He can’t even stop using sports clichés during off hours! I can only imagine he followed that up with, “They really gave it 110 percent, took it one game at a time. Injuries: Well, this one kid has leukemia, another has cancer–clears throat–time’s yours.”

If YouTube is blocked at your work, here’s a Redlasso clip.

Andy Reid: Linebackers Are Like Cake


Eagles coach Andy Reid may have lost some weight in recent years, but it appears food his still on his mind, as Bounty Bowl noticed earlier today from a Q&A with Reid about next season:

Do you know for sure how the linebacker situation is going to look at the start of the season?

I hope it looks like a German chocolate cake with a lot of frosting. I hope it looks that good. That’s my favorite cake.

Ahh, I see: Andy Reid is going to cover his linebackers with frosting; Takeo Spikes just wasn’t in to that, and that’s why he’s gone.

Andy Reid longs to eat his linebackers [Bounty Bowl]

‘Idol’ Odds From, Um, Andy Reid

Steve Odabashian, the Andy Reid impersonator I did the story on last year was on 610 WIP this morning talking about American Idol. Of course. The audio’s embedded after the jump; plus he’s going to piano duel with somebody who Angelo Cataldi likes.

Maybe it’ll be Barack Obama!

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Reid Son Pleads Not Guilty


One of Andy Reid’s sons — Garrett, who is one of those kids in the photo above from after the 2004 NFC Championship Game — is going to plead not guilty to charges he smuggled drugs into a Montgomery County prison. He faces a mandatory minimum two-year sentence in the drug-smuggling charges, but he’s the son of a rich white dude so he has a much better chance of getting off than most people you know. But, really? Two years if an addict tries to bring drugs into prison? Just say no. [Inquirer]

Reid’s Sons Put Asterisk Next To ‘04 NFC Title


Yesterday’s sentencing of Andy Reid’s sons on drug and other charges wasn’t just a loss for them. It was a loss for the 2004 Philadelphia Eagles. As the Daily News‘ Will Bunch notes:

The sons of an NFL coach using steroids — does that set off alarm bells for anyone else? Will authorities start asking what kind of contacts might Garrett and Britt Reid have made inside the Eagles clubhouse?

I’m sure Garrett, out on the streets of North Philly slinging rock, ran into Brian Dawkins and made the connections there. This is the only logical explanation for the Eagles getting over the hump in 2004 and finally heading to the Super Bowl after three straight Championship Game losses. They might as well put a big asterisk on the NFC Championship Trophy.

George Halas and John Heisman are rolling over in their graves. James Naismith is, too, for good measure. I can’t believe the Reid sons sold steroids to the entire Eagles team. Especially the punter. How could you, whatshisname?!

A friend IMs: “I also worry whether or not they taught Donovan how to smuggle pills up his ass. Perhaps that’s why he’s running so poorly.”

Why are steroids illegal, again?

Andy Reid’s Son Sold Drugs To Your Son


Calling the Andy Reid household a “Drug Emporium” — he also later compared it to Carrefour — a judge yesterday sentenced Garrett and Britt Reid to 23 months in prison while blasting their upbringing. (Judge Steven T. O’Neill really should have gone with a Mountain Meadows massacre reference, but, hey.)

Reid’s son Garrett also smuggled 89 pills in his ass when he went into jail. And to make things better, Garrett was apparently selling drugs in North Philly. (This seems like just bad business. No way he makes as much money on the streets of North Philly than he could have made from rich kids in the suburbs.)

“I liked being the rich kid in that area,” the report quoted Reid as saying, apparently in reference to North Philadelphia. “I could go anyplace in the ‘hood. They all knew who I was. I liked being a drug dealer. . . . These kids were scared of me. I was even selling to their parents.”

Meanwhile, the Eagles and Cowboys play Sunday night and the jokes are just going to get even less clever.

Old People Say the Darnedest Things


Andy Reid, yesterday, on rumors he was going to resign:

“I’m not blog efficient, but it sounds like people can be very creative there. That has nothing to do with me. I just wanted to make sure people understood that.”

Reid is not so efficient with the clock, either. Hmm.

Meanwhile, on Daily News Live, Stan Hochman (who probably knows what a blog is) said the Phillies are going to sell the team. Hochman said every owner except one wants to sell, but the decision ahs to be unanimous. The Phillies said this report was false, but Hochman made a good move by saying it’s going to happen within 2 years. This means if the team isn’t sold by 2009, it doesn’t matter because everyone will have forgotten his report.

And now for some potentially bad news in Philadelphia sports [The Daily Examiner]
Video: Andy Reid insists he isn’t leaving []

Andy Reid Knows You Don’t Have To Field A Punt


Ah, but here is the question: Is this a joke answer, or just the level of confidence of Eagles fans in the other three choices. (I think some polls may have been crossed, as if you check now, the leader is currently “Finley,” mascot for the Camden Riversharks.)

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