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All Denver Nuggets Look Alike


A correction in today’s Daily News:

A photo caption in Saturday’s paper accompanying a story on the Olympic Games’ Opening Day ceremonies misidentified a member of the U.S. men’s basketball team. Standing next to Kobe Bryant was teammate Carmelo Anthony, not Allen Iverson.

Ha! To note: Iverson’s getting a bit on in years, and he’s not on the Olympic team anymore. On the plus side, at least the Daily News didn’t confuse Iverson with new Nuggets signee Chris Andersen.

Correction 8/12/2008 [Daily News]

Welcome Back

Let me just say if you thought Allen Iverson was going to get booed when he came back to Philadelphia you’re more of a racist than Barack Obama’s evil grandmother. (Okay, just kidding. But why did people think he would get booed?)

Let me also say that this was just one of those times when being a Philadelphia sports fan is worth it. I was like oh no is he gonna do the Hulk Hogan hand to the ear thing and then ahhh he did the hand to the ear thing!!!!

Then the 76ers went out and won! They’re 34-34 — watch out, Boston!

Allen Iverson Returns Tonight


It’s a big week for Philadelphia basketball with three local teams in the NCAA Tournament, but it might be tonight’s contest at the Wachovia Center that’s the marquee event of this week of March: Allen Iverson returns to Philadelphia.

The Answer hasn’t been back in town since being traded last December; while his Denver Nuggets are 40-27, they are currently 9th in the Western Conference. John Hollinger of ESPN only gives them a 50 percent chance of making the playoffs. The 33-34 Sixers, however, have a 99 percent chance at a playoff spot, since they play the in Eastern Conference — where several teams start descendants of the late Air Bud.

The outlook for the 76ers has undergone a 180 since just before midseason. The Daily News asks who got the better of the deal, the SIxers or the Nuggets; a year ago, this would have been a laughable question, as the Sixers had just traded Allen Iverson for Andre Miller and some picks. But now that Thaddeus Young is one of the best rookies in the NBA… well, it’s something I’d have to think about before saying Denver.

Anyway, is asking if you’re going to boo or cheer Iverson, as if you’re going to do anything but cheer him. For some reason the link on the front page goes to a forum with the top story being, “Webber experiment over?” I’d say the 76ers got the best of the Chris Webber contract buyout.

Tomorrow One-Year Anniversary Of Iverson Trade


The Daily News‘ Phil Jasner reminds us today it’s been a year since the 76ers traded Allen Iverson, making both the 76ers’ current fans feel just so much better about Andre Iguodala and Samuel Dalembert. (Thanks, Phil!)

The 76ers are 10-14 and are playing better recently, but they still don’t have Allen Iverson. The Answer now plays for a team who even has better looking jerseys, the Denver Nuggets. (The 76ers need to go back to these or something like them.)

Anyway, Jasner has all these awesome details like, uh, Christmas shopping.

Andre Iguodala and Kyle Korver remember that they happened to be in the same store Christmas shopping when Korver received a text message that the deal had been made. “I showed it to Andre, and he was like, ‘Really?’ ” Korver recalled.

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A.I. Regrets Setting World Record For Saying ‘Practice’

At right is the famous Allen Iverson “practice” video, where A.I. responded to the 76ers first-round playoff exit against Boston (the year after going to the NBA Finals) by unleashing a bizarre, awesome, hilarious torrent of the word “practice” and why he didn’t really care about practicing and how hard he works in games, et cetera. On the surface, it makes some sense, although one wonders what kind of player Allen Iverson would have been if he actually did practice.

And, hey, Allen apparently does too! From the Daily News:

“It was just being young and definitely immature. I wish it wouldn’t have ever happened,” he says during an appearance on Fox SportNet’s “Best Damn Sports Show Period.” The interview, which took place Wednesday, will air tonight. “But you learn from experiences like that . . . I think it sent the wrong message, especially to kids. You can’t be a scoring champion and an MVP and an All-Star and all of that without practice . . . I didn’t want kids to get the message that you don’t need to practice because when you’re not practicing, someone else is out there practicing, getting better.”

The DN then lied and said Larry Brown had an “equally memorable” press conference the following day, but nobody remembers that one because Larry Brown is as boring as toast.

Iverson regrets bad talkin’ bout practice, bad talkin’ bout practice [Daily News]
May 31: DJ Jazzy Jeff Releases Greatest Track Ever

Allen Iverson’s Patio Furniture Is A Holy Place


When Allen Iverson was traded to the Denver Nuggets last season, he apparently left a ton of shit behind in his mansion. Yesterday, there was an auction of a bunch of Iverson’s leftover And since Iverson is unbelievably rich, a ton of ridiculous items were auctioned off.

  • Bentley 21” rims w/ tires
  • 2 sets Rolls Royce 20” rims w/ tires
  • pony buckboard wagon
  • 6 ½” ft. painted wood Cigar Store Indian
  • Bally “Nevada Hotel & Casino” 25 cent slot machine
  • 140 + contemporary art glass paperweights
  • child’s gas powered Masseratti auto (originally cost $15k)

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Iverson: Celebrities Always Being Hounded About Their Dogfighting Operations


Noted criminologist Allen Iverson held his annual Allen Iverson Summer Classic down in Virginia over the weekend, and, of course, came to the defense of noted alleged dog abuser Mike “Ron Mexico” Vick.

“It’s always been like that from day one since there was sports,” he said. “There was always a bull’s-eye on us. Everybody doesn’t love athletes. Some people feel like we’re spoiled. Some people feel that because we are rich, we think we are above the law, we’re better than everybody else.

“But it’s not like that, but some people perceive us that way. And they give us a hard time about it.”

Iverson then said some on-point stuff about athletes unfairly being expected to give up their old friends once they make it big, but let’s just focus on the stupid shit.

Iverson offers support for Vick [Hampton Daily Press]

A.I. To Pay $260K For Posse’s Beatdown


A jury ruled today that Allen Iverson, late of our local cager franchise, has to pay 260 grand because his posse beat somebody up:

Marlin Godfrey and David Anthony Kittrell sued the Denver Nuggets guard, saying they were beaten by his entourage in July 2005 after they refused to vacate the Eyebar club’s VIP section for Iverson. ¶ The jury found that Kane was liable for assaulting Godfrey, who was awarded $250,000 for pain and suffering and $10,000 for his medical bills. Iverson was found negligent for failing to supervise Kane.

The other dude got nothing, apparently. Ha ha, sucks to be him.

Man awarded $260,000 in suit against Iverson following club brawl [AP/]

Everyone’s Suing Allen Iverson These Days


Although he’s been out of the city since being traded last winter, it’s still nice to see what Allen Iverson is up to nowadays. (Remember him? #1 pick? Led the team to the 2001 Finals? Come on, that wasn’t that long ago! The city went nuts for it! Sigh.)

Anyway, apparently since he left town he’s being sued by everyone who’s been in a nightclub with him. As usual, the alleged problem isn’t A.I. himself, but his goofy entourage, who without Jerry Stackhouse’s posse to rumble with anymore is sometimes down to causing other trouble.

He’s being sued for $20 million in federal civil court over an alleged beating his posse delivered to two men who sat in his reserved seats at a nightclub in D.C. The plaintiffs even wanted 50 Cent to testify because he’s familiar with Iverson’s security crew. The judge denied this, natch, since 50 Cent wasn’t at the nightclub, nor does he live in the DC area.

However, the court may be entertained a bit, since the plaintiffs’ attorneys are asking for the right to show an episode of Punk’d.

It seems the clip shows Iverson being told that he can’t get into a nightclub party until the Bush twins leave — totally not true, ha ha, but a typical gag from the VIP practical-joke TV show — and a friend getting up in the bouncer’s face insisting that he has to get his man inside. This is relevant, lawyers say, because it shows the relationship Iverson had with the entourage[.]

Ha ha, that was a great episode of Punk’d. Then Iverson joined up with the Punk’d crew and got to punk Jermaine O’Neal, remember? Man, that was sweet. If I was a judge I’d totally want to watch that episode again.

Oh, and another lawsuit against A.I. is moving forward as well from a 2004 incident. If he loses both lawsuits, I think he’ll be okay, because I hear he has lots of money bagz.

Can He Handle Defense At This Kind of Court? [WaPo]
Names & Faces [WaPo]

DJ Jazzy Jeff Releases Greatest Track Ever


DJ Jazzy Jeff released his new album last week. It’s full of guest spots — “Prince Paul approach to recording,” Craig Lindsay wrote in PW — and skits and pretty decent beats.

But the best track on the album is no doubt Track 7, “Practice,” featuring J Live. Here is the opening to the song:

Click to play

It took almost five years, but somebody finally turned that Allen Iverson press conference into the best sample the recording world has ever seen.