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A Bush Is President Of Everything

Last night on WPVI, Erin O’Hearn reported on a fight at a Cheyney University party posted on YouTube. The fight, apparently, was Cheyney vs. West Chester vs. Lincoln. Ahh, college.

O’Hearn interviewed Cheyney student body president George Bush. Hmm. A school with a president named George Bush? I can only assume this fight was over Cheyney’s invasion and occupation of West Chester and Lincoln.

Cheyney University fight posted online [6 ABC]

Brian Hickey, Home Recovering

On the good news front: Ex-City Paper editor and Johnny Doc PR man Brian Hickey is home from the hospital and doing well, all things considered.

Yesterday, he gave an exclusive interview to Action News‘ Matt O’Donnell, which they were more than happy to label as such (see photo). O’Donnell says the recovery is “remarkable.” And also:

Freelance journalist Brian Hickey doesn’t like wearing the helmet that protects his fragile brain, or the brace that protects his vertebrae, but he loves being alive.

Ahh, yes, I was hoping he’d like the whole “staying alive” part after the accident. O’Donnell does note, though, that “doctors need to reattach two large portions of [Hickey's] skull.” Yikes. Good to see Hickey is home and best of luck to him on his continuing recovery.

Hit-and-run victim rebuilding life [6 ABC]

McNabb Not Just A Chunky Soup Pitchman

Take it away, Keith Russell, with our lead of the week:

June 18, 2008 (WPVI) — Donovan McNabb is always focused on football, but today he was focused on hypertension.

Did McNabb take his focus away from football to focus on hypertension yesterday? That slacker!

McNabb focuses on high-blood pressure [6 ABC]

NYC Anchors Ask Philly PD Questions


Yesterday’s chat with the police brass on Action News‘ website brought out the best in everyone, from essentially ignoring a question about decriminalization of marijuana (thanks for asking, Philly NORML) to the cops subscribing to the broken windows theory (aargh!) to the brass vowing to crack down on people parking on the sidewalk in South Philly (this is going to be a nightmare!) to a deputy commish saying the cops are going to eradicate illegal drugs in Philly (ha!).

A friendly commenter also went through and noticed, um, all the ridiculous fake names that asked questions. Even stranger, all the names were people affiliated with New York City in some way! Let’s reproduce some of his comment here:

  • N. Dinkins Middle initial and last name of one of the worst mayors of the City of New York ever.
  • Chuck Scarborough Longtime anchorman, WNBC. [The response to his question actually mentions New York.--dmac]
  • Tim Minton Reporter, WNBC.
  • Jonathan Dienst Reporter, WNBC (broke Fort Dix plot story).
  • Peter Mansbridge Anchor of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s flagship television news program The National. [This is my favorite one--dmac.]
  • Rosanna Scotto Longtime anchor, Fox 5, also seen on the Today show for cooking segments.
  • Donna Dixon Actress who has appeared in such productions as Bosom Buddies. and Spies Like Us.
  • James Goldman Award winning screenwriter and playwright (deceased). Also the real name of “Jim Gardner” the worst television anchor in the known universe. [Hey! You leave Jim Gardner alone; he makes fun of Gary Papa's cancer.]
  • Sue Simmons Longtime anchor, WNBC. Has co-anchored the 11 p.m. newscast with Chuck Scarborough for over 30 years… recently said the f-word on air.

Ha ha, these New York anchors and Canadians really care about Philadelphia policing. Thanks, guys!

Philadelphia Police Chat @ [6 ABC]
Yesterday: Police Chat on 6 ABC

Police Chat On 6 ABC


Action News is having its first online chat with the police department brass since the fallout from the firing of four police officers involved in the kicking and such of shooting suspects. The over-under on the number of questions submitted that boil down to “Why aren’t the police allowed to just beat up suspects?” is roughly 72.

I have no doubt this will be extremely interesting, though not as interesting as a chat with the guys who post on Domelights.

Gary Papa’s Emotional Moment

Hey, so here’s Action News‘ Gary Papa on the 6 o’clock news last night, getting emotional after Eagles coach Andy Reid visits CHOP. Aww, Gary! After the commercial break, though, Jim Gardner makes it all better by joking that Gary was just upset because someone repossessed his car.

Also notable is Reid’s comment to the media on the kids at Children’s Hospital of Phialdelphia: “They’re fired up and ready to go.” He can’t even stop using sports clichés during off hours! I can only imagine he followed that up with, “They really gave it 110 percent, took it one game at a time. Injuries: Well, this one kid has leukemia, another has cancer–clears throat–time’s yours.”

If YouTube is blocked at your work, here’s a Redlasso clip.

Marvin Harrison Tale Gets Surreal


Dan Gross reported last week that 6 ABC’s Keith Russell talked about the Marvin Harrison situation on a radio show and didn’t exactly stick to the, um, facts (apparently I missed it on PFT also):

6ABC sports anchor Keith Russell has reportedly supplied wholly unsubstantiated details to a Florida radio station about last week’s shooting linked to Marvin Harrison, the Indianapolis Colts and Roman Catholic football star. [...] According to ProFootballTalk. com, Russell appeared with Jason Jackson on Miami’s WQAM, and said his sources told him that the man who was shot had come to carry out a gangland-style hit on Harrison. According to the Web site, Russell said during the segment that the issue relates to Harrison’s father, who Russell told the radio station was incarcerated.

Harrison’s father is deceased, according to several stories. But, hey, who knows! Maybe his pops is the movie version of the Kingpin and we’ve all been lied to!

6ABC’s Russell’s tale baseless [Daily News]

Ed Rendell Is All WTF On Debate


Ed Rendell was on 6 ABC’s post-debate show last night, and man was he pissed! I certainly don’t think last night’s debate is going to blow up the world or anything, but Rendell certainly seemed to; he asked Monica Malpass, “What is wrong with America?”

Naturally, Rendell was talking about the first 45 minutes to an hour of the debate, which featured questions exclusively on Hillary’s lie about dodging sniper fire, Barack Obama’s pastor, “bitter” Pennsylvanians and some dude from the Weather Underground who supports Obama.

Video after the jump.

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One Pissed Off Alleged Criminal


Like, get it? You’re in trouble! Hey, that’s pretty clever, Action News. Anyway, Delaware police caught a man wanted for an assault in Philadelphia because he pissed onto the side of a service plaza instead of just going into the bathroom a few feet away. That’s some good work there.

Headline Of The Day


Chrissmari: “That’s a headline you’d write.”

Oh, totally. Watch out for the moon man!

Moon man arrested for abandoning kids [AP/6 ABC]