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WawaTF, People: The Vigil Video


Intrepid Reporter Alli Katz — yet another PW employee whose talent I am consistently jealous of — went out to film the Wawa Vigil last night.

The results are up there with Mascot Monday and Milton Street’s casket jam. WawaTF, indeed.

Truly, a lamentable loss for the community. There is a Flickr series here done by djstarr as well. We will never forget.

Wawa Vigil [PW]

Wawa Vigil: TONIGHT! 11 PM!


A reader sends in another protest piece from some website where you can make your own ribbon magnets for your SUV.

Don’t forget, tonight at 11 is the Vigil for the Rittenhouse Square Wawa. I heard about this earlier today and I am now convinced it is the greatest thing ever, even though I’m not totally convinced it is real. Tonight at 11, we shall all stand tall for freedom and Tastykakes. I mean, as long as those Wawa fatcats don’t change the temperature to below 0 with their weather-controlling machines.

Yes, Yes: Wawa Vigil At 11 Tonight


Ahh, yes, the Wawa. Sometime over the weekend the wheels began to turn on the closing of the RIttenhouse Wawa tomorrow. (2/29 NEVER FORGET!)

Despite being a multi-billion dollar corporation, Wawa is a regional chain; instead of inspiring hatred like Starbucks, regional chains are adored by residents of that particular locale. People will argue for hours on ends about how much better Wawa is than Turkey Hill or Sheetz or whatever. (This is true, of course.)

To be fair, it’s a sad state. The mysterious Jerome Nottingham IV gave us a description of the one-stately Wawa in yesterday’s Metro: The Wawa here looks like a Soviet grocery store in the 1980s, filled with empty shelves and customers complaining there’s no mustard for their pretzels. A young man in his 20s tries to order a roast beef sandwich, only to learn the store has run out of roast beef. An ATM screen simply reads ‘out of service.’ It won’t be repaired.” The place is closing tomorrow.

There’s also a Wawa at 20th and Chestnut — as opposed to 20th and Locust — but that one has more homeless people in front of it, though I always found it cleaner. As such, the minor inconvenience has nonetheless inspired a movement so great you’d think the Real World pretended to move out of town!

Yes, there’s a vigil tonight at 11 at the Rittenhouse Wawa.

Update: Whoever the dude is who blogs at The Illadelph — who is also among the Very Angry Wawa Customers but has some good comments as usual — has some extra info from an awesome release of some sort.

It is “not going to disrupt commercial activity in the store — on the contrary, [they] plan to buy up whatever is left, and thank everyone inside for serving [them] all these years — but after indulging in the Wawa goodness, [they]‘re hoping to stage some nice photo opps [sic] out front with signs, maybe some candles, who knows.”

Man, I was kind of hoping people would be tearing shit up, though I do kind of like the idea of protesting Wawa by purchasing a ton of products. Plus if this were my 10th & Walnut location I would probably have organized this myself.