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Hey, remember this?

Yes, of course, you remember that, it was hilarious when Chase “The Model” Utleybot 5000 said “World Fucking Champions” on live TV during the Phillies parade.

Somebody (Mike Klein, I guess) at the Inquirer got the good idea to FOIA the complaints to the FCC over the incident; the result is this article from the Inquirer that details the Utley complaints. Some of them are great.

“If they didn’t want such words to be broadcast, they should have aired [it] on a delay to catch any obscene language,” wrote a viewer from Philadelphia. “Pull their license to broadcast.”

The Phillies? All the local TV stations? Man, it aired on pretty much every channel, I really don’t want to have to watch just MyNetworkTV and the CW from now on, although I guess I would still get Gossip Girl.

Another viewer wrote: “He should be disciplined for his lack of respect towards his fans and in particular the children exposed to such vulgarity. . . . The broadcasters are not at fault. Chase Utley is.”

Disciplined… by whom? The Phillies, I guess. The Phillies could suspend him or fine him or something. Why this person would be writing to the FCC about this, I have no idea. But people do just complain about anything to anyone, as we’ve seen.

On a side note, can we look at what Chase Utley said to deflect questions about saying fuck on TV:

“I tell all kids not to use that word. If they’re 29 and they win the World Series, I think they can say that. But I definitely would say to all the kids out there, ‘Kids, it’s a bad word. Don’t say it. And I’m dead serious.’”

Ha ha, great, I mean it. I also love how dead serious he is — dead serious enough to say “And I’m dead serious.” Don’t say that word, kids. Take it from me, Chase Utley. Look at all the stupid mail I’ve had to deal with because I said it!

Another: “This was not a casual slip. This was an intentional misuse and abuse of the public airwaves. . . . How am I to explain such profanity to my child?”

I don’t know, maybe you can explain to your son or daughter that multimillionaires who have an uncanny ability to hit a ball (far!) with a bat sometimes say silly things, including saying the one word you’re not supposed to say on television on a live television broadcast. Ha ha, that was so awesome, I just remembered.

And another: “It was embarrassing that he was allowed to do that and if there are no ramifications I will be furious. Is there no platform that is sacred anymore?”

Yes, back when World Series victory parades were sacred. Like when the Philadelphia Athletics won the World Series in 1930, and they had the big parade, and second baseman “Camera Eye” Bishop gave a speech about how the A’s finished 102-52 but their Pythagorean record was only 93-61 and it just made him go, “World Bullfeather Champions.” Yes, I don’t know when things changed, but I bet it’s when they took the prayer out of World Series victory parades.

A radio listener who wrote, “I heard it here in Camden,” said: “That sort of language is no big deal… except that Howard Stern was driven off free radio by you, the FCC, because of content and bad words and the like. It’s only fair that broadcasters be held to the same standards… Fine KYW as much as you are legally allowed to fine them!… Lord knows the US Treasury could use the money.”

And, of course, one of the letters is from a Stern fan. I would wager good money the next sentence of this was, “Baba Booey, Baba Booey, Oh my, Richard Christie!”

FCC gets complaints on Utley’s on-air F-bomb [Inquirer]

World Series Trophy Photo Op

121008wstrophy.jpg Hey kids! You, too, can be like your idols Pat Gillick, Charlie Manuel and David Montgomery this weekend when the Phillies’ hold a holiday sale, along with a free opportunity to get your photo taken with the World Series trophy!

The Phillie Phanatic — dressed up like Santa Claus — will also be around to pose for photos on Saturday and Sunday. Knowing this town, there will be huge lines just to meet the Phanatic and see the ugly World Series trophy.

On Saturday at 5 p.m., there is a tree-lighting ceremony along with carolers, ballgirls and the Phanatic. The trophy will be out from 9 to 4:30 Saturday, and 9 to 2:30 Sunday.

Fans can pose with trophy and Phils’ Holiday Sale [Inquirer]

Ben Franklin, Phillies Fan


The lovely Erica just dropped off an eight-DVD set of the Phillies’ World Series win over the Rays in October. (Can you believe it’s been a month?!) The set includes all five World Series games and the final 2 games of the NLCS, plus a bonus DVD.

More importantly, it features the Phillies’ radio announcers as an alternate audio track for all the games. And, most importantly, the back of the box features a Ben Franklin quote. Right under that poetic Jimmy Rollins quote.

My best guess is that this thing costs $200 billion dollars. Lemme look it up… hmm… only $80! Not as bad as I’d expect, honestly. According to the press release, “And, From Atlantic City to Allentown, THE PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES® 2008 World Series COLLECTOR’S EDITION is certain to bring out Phanatics, wherever they are!” Indeed it will.

This hits stores Dec. 9. Frankly, I’m not sure if I have the patience to watch 20 hours of baseball again, but maybe doing it when not breathing into a paper bag wondering how the Phillies will blow it will be even more enjoyable.

Barack Obama’s Fans Manage To Celebrate Without Destroying City

Take that, Michelle Malkin! Barack Obama’s supporters went out to celebrate their man’s victory in the ol’ Presidential election last night and went bananas without resorting to flipping over cars or destroying $5,000 planters.

Some supporters did, as a Daily News photograph shows us, the “Obama Rock” dance, whatever that is. If only there was a Phillies dance all that car-flipping could have been avoided. But last night was a lot like the Series win: Nobody’s text messages could get through, my cable Internet went down for a while, people were drunk.

Is this the kind of America we can expect under a Barack Obama administration? The inability to contact one another over cell and wireless networks? Drunken celebrations by political nerds marching from Penn to City Hall? (This really happened.) Well, at least we’d be drunk, so that’s something.

Like the Series win, all over again [Daily News]

McCain/Palin/Phillies In 2008

Here, John McCain attempts a last-ditch effort to win the presidency with signs that say he is not for 28 more years of title-free baseball in this town. He is for a World Championship in 2008, and one in 2009, too. And 2010 and 2011 and 2012. Four more years of championships!

[via John]

Yes, Here’s The Clip You Want To See

Things we know about Chase Utley:

1. He’s a rather talented baseball player.

2. He just loves little puppies and kittens.

3. He likes to eat breakfast at Morning Glory.

4. He likes to curse.

Hey, why aren’t Chase Utley and I best friends? Three of those items describe both of us! (The one that doesn’t is #1, in case you’re a fuckin’ moron.)

840 Billion People Watch Parade

Click to enlarge.

The coolest part of the parade so far is what happens once it passes: The fans move from the sidewalks and move right into the middle of the street to celebrate some more. Hey, look, the sea of red kinda looks like Symphony House! Okay, um, kinda.

City Council Calls For Day Games


A million billion years ago (i.e., October 2007), Philadelphia City Council took time out to demand Roberto Clemente’s number for all teams. That hasn’t happened, of course, and so City Council has decided to weigh in on baseball matters again:

Councilman Jim Kenney’s resolution calls on the league to change its rules to require at least one day game during the playoffs and the World Series. This year’s series World Series games all started around 8:30 p.m. The resolution, approved by Council, said day games would ensure that “youths can share in the excitement of these games and we can preserve the next generation of baseball fans.” The resolution also noted that some games ended after midnight, meaning young fans had to go to bed not knowing the final score.

Ahh, yes, perhaps we can start the games at around 1 or 2 p.m., so our youths can share in the excitement of skipping school to watch the World’s Series!

Photo via Library of Congress

SEPTA: We’re Not Getting There

Curious travel advisory on SEPTA’s website. What could it mean?

A friend IMs and explains:

My mom called me from the train station. The announcement said, “Due to unusually high rider volume, Regional Rail service is suspended. Please find alternate transportation.”

Ha, ha, ha, hahahahahahaha. Way to shut down Regional Rail service the day of the Phillies parade, SEPTA!

Update: KYW 1060 has more; trains are now apparently 30 minutes behind schedule. There’s a 2-hour wait at the PATCO stop in Lindenwald.

Update 2: “All inbound Regional Rail service is suspended as of 1pm until further notice. There is no southbound BSL service south of Race/Vine.” Take public transportation down to the stadium for the parade, they say. Whoops!

Cole Hamels Is The Next Billy Mays

103108hamelssharksteammop.jpg Forget the parade. Cole Hamels has signed a deal to sell autographed balls, bats and other memorabilia. But wait, there’s more!

Tonight, Hamels will be on QVC shilling stuff! Set your DVRs!

As part of the agreement, Hamels… will appear on QVC Friday between 8 and 11 p.m., during which time Mounted Memories and MAB Celebrity Sports will be selling a full line of World Series items including a selection of products signed by the pitcher.

Three hours hawking products on QVC! Now that’s a great way to spend your Friday night after winning World Series MVP.

Cole Hamels signs autograph deal [Philadelphia Business Journal]