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Down the shore for the rest of the day. It’s for work.

Phila. To NYC, For A Buck


A reader directs me to BoltBus, a new-ish replacement from Greyhound for the Chinese Bus. It departs a few times from 30th Street station to New York daily, and fares are as low as $1. One dollar! It gets better: The bus has free Wi-Fi.

The FAQ explains the deal with this incredibly amazing-sounding bus that I’m guessing might just be a late April Fool’s joke: “Our fares will start @ $1 (plus a transaction or booking fee), with a minimum of one $1 fare available on every schedule we operate every day. The fares we charge will vary by day of week, overall passenger demand and how many days until the travel will take place.”

Sadly, though, the FAQ also contains a few caveats that come along with BoltBus: You gotta get there 15 minutes early, and you’re not allowed to bring corpses on the bus. Aw, man.

Even Better Breaking: Milton Convicted!

Oh, wait, that’s much worse. Yes, Our Pal Milton has been convicted of tax evasion, though he escaped some other charges due to deadlocking and acquittal (!).

He faces 27 to 33 months in prison. Appeal, Milt! Appeal!

Dewey Defeats Taubenberger


Friend: i was thinking about the cover of the metro this morning

if big al won
it’d have said CALL ME AL

Philly []

From My Cold, Dead Hands


Okay, so the state won’t let Philadelphia regulate its own handgun laws, so we can’t attempt to stem the homicide problem with that. Doing something to help the social issues involved in homicides would take too much work, so that’s out. What’s left?

Duh: We’re going to study video games.

“Philadelphia alone has seen 204 homicides so far this year. Violent video games may or may not be a contributing factor, but we will never know unless this issue is seriously studied,” said Rep. Ronald Waters, D-Philadelphia.

Waters believes that studies suggesting that “the violent images in these games can have a long-term effect on children” might benefit the way the city approaches crime in addition to helping parents decide what games are appropriate for their children.

“Children can’t always understand the difference between the video game world and the real world, and there’s no telling what impact this exposure to violence will have on them later in life,” he said.

This might help: Just yesterday I was hit by a giant turtle shell some kid kicked at me.

State Puts Video Games In Crosshairs [The Bulletin]

Leftovers: Fights, Asbestos, Ammo, Etc.

• The Inquirer has a big ol’ recap of what’s going on in Hammonton, New Jersey. To recap, there are accusations of people planting asbestos in order to stop the building of a new town hall. Also, there’s a third party — Hammonton First! — that won all the elections. Also, the KKK of Millville (i.e. that one dude) threatened to protest in the town since for some reason they were accused of planting asbestos. And it’s “the blueberry capital of the world.” I’ll try and parse this more later. [Inquirer]

• A stationwagon drove into a restaurant in Northeast Philly. The driver blamed the car who cut him off, which is a pretty good excuse, if it was a moving restaurant car that cut him off. [6 ABC]

• Kids in Willingboro, N.J., brought live ammo to Levitt Middle School. I can tolerate ammo, but disrespecting the good name of Levitt? Never! [KYW 1060]

• Students assaulted another teacher today. This one was at West Philly High… coincidentally the same high school Kristin A. Graham reported about in this morning’s Inquirer. Coincidence? Hm. Probably. []

Things Will Return To Normal

in a few moments.

Sorry For The Delay

Things will return to normal in just a bit!

It’s Official: Bennett Out, Marimow In At ‘Inky’

Amanda Bennett will be out as Inquirer editor by the end of the year. Bill Marimow is taking over for her.

Update: And here’s the Inquirer story.

Update 2: And Steve Volk has more here.

Earlier Today: Breaking: Marimow New ‘Inky’ Editor

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