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Rolling Gov’t Shutdowns In Pa.?

With a budget crisis looming — this phrase is not as popular as I expected, by the way — the Pennsylvania state government has a novel idea to save money: Rolling shutdowns of state government!

Rendell spokesman Chuck Ardo: “It’s a matter of responding to the fiscal crisis as we need to. We are not announcing any rolling furloughs at this point; we’re just making preparations in case we need to do so.”

Ardo says those rolling furloughs might mean shutting down most state government operations for a day or two per month, or it could mean closing different state agencies on different days.

I have no real opinion on this, unless they start targeting the liquor stores. If that happens, there will be a battle.

Amid Budget Crunch, Pa. Considering ”Rolling Shutdowns” of State Government [KYW 1060]
Photo by Dwight Evans’ mayoral campaign (really!) used under a Creative Commons license