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Anti-Casino Art Attack

A supporter of Casino Free Philadelphia is currently running a big ol’ anti-casino art contest; they’re looking for t-shirts, posters and videos. The deadline has been extended to March 10, so get cracking if you want your shirt to possibly join this other classy/hilarious one.

It’s going to be tough to win the poster contest, though, because this entry posted on the site is incredibly awesome:


“Casino”-like Slots Barn is excellent, as is the impressive amount of detail in this poster. As usual, I am jealous of someone who can draw. Just think of all the bad jokes I could make if I could draw!

I can’t tell, though, if it’s saying the casino would ruin Market East (the Funk-O-Mart will never be the same with a casino nearby!) or that The Gallery ruined Market East (could make a convincing case for it, especially if Chinatown is part of Market East). But, hey, what’s with the bullet holes? The only thing shot at The Gallery is good taste.

I also particularly liked “hookers’ entrance.” Is that really any more blatant than the current signage on the brothels in that area?

Update: The artist, FYI, is Dennis Carlisle.

New Casino Shirt Predictably Serious


Hey, there’s a brand new casino shirt (thanks for the heads up, JJ), and it’s all crazy serious, as one might expect. I don’t know, though; this shirt is okay, but it totally pales in comparison to that other shirt: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Three Sevens on the Center Line.”

History Geeks Continue To Mine SugarHouse Casino Site

Independence Casino

If you haven’t been following along since last January, some local amateur historians have been attempting to find out if some old fort or burial ground or angel skeletons or ancient powerful civilization is under the site for the Sugarhouse Casino, so they can block it from going there. Or they’re just curious, whatever, the end result’s the same.

Anyway, Plan Philly earlier this week posted a story with the headline, “Big discovery at SugarHouse site? And here it is!

SugarHouse archaeologists, led by an amateur local historian, on Tuesday continued to unearth part of a foundation on the proposed casino site.

The historian, preservationist Torben Jenk, says the find is a portion of Batchelor’s Hall - a society whose members included many prominent 18th Century Philadelphians, and where the nation’s first botanical garden of medicinal plants was established in 1729.

“It’s a 279-year-old structure, and we found it using a 204-year old survey,” said an excited Jenk on Monday evening. “It’s the second oldest building that we can document to date in Fishtown.”

But casino spokeswoman Leigh Whitaker said the casino’s archaeologists, A.D. Marble, say what was found is much less historically significant, and from a different century, than the place where Pennsylvania Hospital founder and trustee Lloyd Zachary socialized and renowned botanist John Bartram may have tended the plants.

“We did not find Batchelor’s Hall,” Whitaker said. “We found a foundation of a residence or other building from the 19th Century.”

It’s nice everyone did all this work and then their opinions lined up exactly where everyone expected them to. However, I believe I have come up with a compromise (pictured above). They can call it “The Second Oldest Casino in Fishtown.”