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Anti-Casino Art Attack

A supporter of Casino Free Philadelphia is currently running a big ol’ anti-casino art contest; they’re looking for t-shirts, posters and videos. The deadline has been extended to March 10, so get cracking if you want your shirt to possibly join this other classy/hilarious one.

It’s going to be tough to win the poster contest, though, because this entry posted on the site is incredibly awesome:


“Casino”-like Slots Barn is excellent, as is the impressive amount of detail in this poster. As usual, I am jealous of someone who can draw. Just think of all the bad jokes I could make if I could draw!

I can’t tell, though, if it’s saying the casino would ruin Market East (the Funk-O-Mart will never be the same with a casino nearby!) or that The Gallery ruined Market East (could make a convincing case for it, especially if Chinatown is part of Market East). But, hey, what’s with the bullet holes? The only thing shot at The Gallery is good taste.

I also particularly liked “hookers’ entrance.” Is that really any more blatant than the current signage on the brothels in that area?

Update: The artist, FYI, is Dennis Carlisle.

  1. Dan Says: Feb 25 12:32 PM

    Hookers don’t need an entrance, they solicit you at 8th street just as you step off the el.

  2. R. M. Says: Feb 25 12:32 PM

    I am thinking of submitting a Develop don’t destroy Brooklyn t-shirt with Brooklyn crossed out and replaced with Philadelphia.

  3. Jacques-Jean Tiziou Says: Feb 25 9:27 PM

    Ah, but you didn’t include the link to the genius video submission!

    Check out the little movie that Ross and Rachel made:

    (I added the annotations, but the cinematic genius is all theirs. So far this is the only video entry, so hurry up and give them some competition!)

  4. Maureen Says: Sep 29 9:54 PM

    Why do you seem to give a special voice to the CasinoNO folks?

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