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Yep, This Is How The 76ers Lost

The last time they played New Jersey, the 76ers missed their last 18 shots and lost, 85-83. Who knew they’d be able top that loss the next time they played New Jersey.

If you can’t watch the highlight above, here’s how the 76ers lost last night. They were up a point after Andre Iguodala hit one of two free throws with 1.8 seconds left; Nets’ guard Devin Harris took the inbounds pass, lost the ball off Iguodala’s chest, got the ball back and sunk a half-court shot with no time left.

Need more proof? Here are the Daily News and Inquirer recaps.

It’s a slim chance that whole play took less than 1.8 seconds. But since the ball did appear to leave his hand just before the buzzer, the clock’s late start is silently forgotten. Well, not by Sixers fans.

The 76ers have stumbled coming out of the All-Star Break; they’ve lost four in a row against mostly average competition. One thing they need to do? 100 free throws, every day, after practice, until this gets better. Okay?

[Thanks to The 700 Level for the video]

  1. dmac Says: Feb 24 8:23 AM

    Also, the Inquirer’s Kate Fagan has a good blog entry about the final play that I just noticed.

  2. Eric Says: Feb 24 10:52 AM

    That really, really blows.

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