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Plagiarized Poetry

022409poe.jpg My favorite Bulletin columnist and yours, Herb Denenberg, wrote a perfectly good column yesterday about drug labeling. I liked it! I agreed with it! I saved it to my!

I really, though, enjoyed the end of the column the most. Ol’ Herb gets poetic!

Don’t expect these or other drug labeling problems to be corrected anytime soon…. And all this leads me to a little poem I wrote, with the first two lines borrowed from Gilbert and Sullivan:

Things are seldom what they seem;

Skim milk masquerades as cream.

If product labels had a nose,

They’d all be Pinocchio’s.

Nothing against Denenberg here, but isn’t it a little presumptuous for someone to claim he “wrote” a poem when he only composed half of it?

Drug Product Labels Sell Instead Of Inform [The Bulletin]

  1. Superfecta Says: Feb 24 4:21 PM

    Does he also know that bulls are but inflated frogs? And that men are grown-up catchy-catchies? Or should we move on to Ruddigore and start calling people poltroons?

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