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A Nonanswer On Tierney’s Future

A lot to write about the bankruptcy filing of Philadelphia Media Holdings, but I’m trying to think first for once. (About the content. The jokes are already done.)

I needed to write about this, though. Daily News editor Michael Days sent out a Q&A the company sent out to its employees. And check this out:

Will Brian continue to be CEO? Will the management team stay in place?

Brian as well as the rest of the management team remain actively engaged and committed to this company.

You have to give management over at 400 N. Broad credit. Not too many companies have the ability to dodge a question in their own Q&A! Impressive.

  1. brendancalling Says: Feb 23 1:14 PM

    they should make Kevin ferris the CEO. then he can use his “back channels” to get some revenue.

    Of course, it’ll all be ads from “national review” and “wingnut monthly”, but hey better than nothin’ right?

  2. Superfecta Says: Feb 23 2:45 PM

    I was unaware there was any non-food/drink-related content in either paper or on the website that was not 1) an AP feed item or 2) a weird racist screed - so where’s the money going? I doubt they are paying Don Russell or Craig LaBan that well.

  3. R. M. Says: Feb 23 6:55 PM

    Apparently it is the boring Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and not the fun Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

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