Philadelphia Will Do  

Doink. Doink.

021609lando.jpg Let’s head back to Bucks County and focus on the District Attorney’s race there. Duh! Of course this is what’s next on the agenda.

Republican and current “Chief Deputy District Attorney” Gary Gambardella has dropped out of the race for DA, because ex-judge and fellow GOP member David Heckler (Boo! Hiss! Your jokes suck!) has decided to run. Gambardella is now going to run for a judgeship.

Let’s see why:

“We desperately need a unified party,” he said. “Staying in this race for even a minute would have disrupted the party. I think that with Dave Heckler on board we can have a ‘Law and Order’ ticket that will draw people to our party.”

There’s a chance he’s referring to “law and order” (the stupid campaign slogan that usually means “cracking down on and locking up undesirables”) and not Law & Order, the show, but I’m hoping it’s the latter.

Not just for political reasons, mind you! I was hoping we’d get a Law & Order campaign for president, but Fred Thompson failed to gain any traction in the Republican primary (after making one of his first campaign promises a pardon for Scooter Libby) and eventually dropped out. I’m thinking campaign ads with the L&O theme, promising to indict as many people as possible in every situation (a la Jack McCoy) and maybe a rule that only incredibly attractive assistant district attorneys will be hired.

All in all, I think it’s a good idea. Doink doink!

Gambardella drops district attorney bid [Courier Times]

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