Philadelphia Will Do  

Your New Favorite Restaurant

Good Day Philadelphia was on location this morning at the above restaurant. (The event? The Phily Diner is now serving alcohol!)

All I have to say is: It better be spelled that way because of the nickname of some guy named Phil.

  1. John Says: Feb 3 12:45 PM

    Maybe it’s spelled that way because it’s not actually in Philadelphia. Jersey? Deduct one L.

  2. Snuggie Cult Member Says: Feb 3 3:02 PM

    They forgot an “n” in dinner too. Dopes.

  3. RJT Says: Feb 3 3:23 PM

    Ok see, this always bothered me. All of my friend’s would call this the “Philly Diner” and I would try to correct them all the time. It is not supposed to be Philly, its supposed to be Phily. It is owned by the same people who own Adelphia’s greek restaurant. Thus “Phily” is the greek root for Love. So its like “The Lovely Diner” or “Diner of Love” or something. My friends just always told me to shut up and eat.

  4. delivery device Says: Feb 3 5:05 PM

    Obvs, there is not enough room for the other “L”

  5. dmac Says: Feb 5 1:03 PM

    @RJT: Thanks for the info! I love that they have restaurants named both Phily and Adelphia.

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