Philadelphia Will Do  

Forget Arizona, Bring On Bolaris!

Look, I’m excited about the Eagles. Very excited. But right now I cannot — cannot — stop laughing at the thought of a thousand angry Eagles fans cursing John Bolaris’ name when he suddenly appeared on the screen as the Eagles were about to beat the Giants and head to the NFC Championship. Then, it happened again, with ads for Verizon and Progressive Insurance.

All in all, not the best weekend for Bolaris. There’s this, and Saturday’s storm that failed to materialize, making the promo that interrupted the game about 100 times funnier. I’d stay inside for the next couple days if I were Bolaris.

  1. dmac Says: Jan 11 4:50 PM

    Thanks to John for reminding me about the storm we didn’t get this weekend. I actually forgot about it.

  2. Ben Kessler Says: Jan 11 4:53 PM

    Now can you upload the clip of Donovan picking up the phone?

  3. DrZibbs Says: Jan 11 4:59 PM

    Bolaris is a bonehead.

  4. trugreenEaglefan1inDE Says: Jan 11 5:42 PM

    So very very true! Let us give a moment of silence for the idiots that think that automation is the best thing! But to not mind the booth from the control center!If the giants, scored,I would have been so ticked off, I would demand the resignation of all those involved at FOX or local 29!

  5. Rasputin Says: Jan 11 7:00 PM

    The guy in the control booth must have been a Giants fan!

  6. GregS Says: Jan 11 7:20 PM

    Can’t blame Bolaris for some guy pressing the wrong button. Note to Fox: I suggest a plastic cover over the “Cut to commercial” button. Or an “Are You Sure” popup.
    *Can* Blame Bolaris for an inaccurate forecast. And you can bet I do.

  7. Joe Says: Jan 11 8:54 PM

    There was hardcore screaming in Jenkintown. Fox is lucky it moved its studios downtown. Someone may have grabbed a torch.

  8. Dan Says: Jan 11 10:00 PM

    I’ve never hated Bolaris.

    But the news needs to stop trying to predict snowfall totals in this city.

  9. Silent Cal Says: Jan 11 11:22 PM

    Yeah, I cussed the hell out of Bolaris when I saw him. And I’ve hated him since he hyped that non-storm years ago and then ran off to New York or whatever. Fuck that guy.

  10. Anthony Says: Jan 12 12:28 AM

    Well, looks like Bolaris will end up spending another 8 years in exile.

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    [...] 23-11.  McNabb made a phone call, Dawkins went crazy, and they march on to Glendale, AZ. Oh, and John Bolaris got a lot of TV time right in the middle of the [...]

  12. R. M. Says: Jan 12 12:52 PM

    Many TV stations have their master control centralized with several others, quite often hundreds or thousands of miles away from the actual station, as this saves money.

  13. dmac Says: Jan 12 3:39 PM

    @R.M. Interesting. I assume this is mainly the O&O stations parent companies saving via consolidation?

    Still seems weird that would happen. (And, uh, to the person who emailed me, yes, of course I don’t actually think this is John Bolaris’ fault. But it would be awesome if it were.)

  14. R. M. Says: Jan 12 5:07 PM

    Yes. I know that all the NBC O&O stations on the east coast have their master control at 30 Rock. Other non-network owners do similar things having master control for several stations in one place to cut down on back end costs. There are stories of commercials for one market accidentally airing in another because of this.

    The centralized concept was also tried for newscasts by Sinclair. They built similar sets on all their properties had a few minutes of local news, but all the rest was done out of Baltimore including sports and weather.

    Interestingly, all of the Fox O&O stations have basically the same music, sets, logos and graphics.

    NBC does the majority of their graphics for O&O stations (and some affiliates) out of Texas at an operation called Arthouse. Most of the O&O stations have the same or similar graphics. There used to be two basic standards for them, but things have changed a bit.

  15. Rocco Says: Jan 22 2:01 PM

    So Funny. Yes, John will have to go back to New York again. Where he can go on WFAN and KRICK and cheer for his rea hometown teams, The Yankees and Giants. Yes, we heard you John. Last time he used 9/11 as an excuse for going back. What now John? The Obama Presidency?

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