Philadelphia Will Do  

Now I Need A Hot Dog

The hot dog gun at the Phillies game was off to an incredible start to the season. At a game I attended early in the season, the hot dogs were going up to the 400 level down the left field line. We were kind of worried in left field that the hot dog gun would be aimed in our direction and kill us with its power.

But what a second-half slump! By the end of the year, the HDG’s power was way down. Perhaps it needed hip surgery? We can only surmise. Above is a faux documentary from Hatfield about the hot dog gun at the Phillies game. What’s amazing about this video is it’s actually pretty funny in some spots. The level of detail, frankly, is worthy of a real documentary. [via; thanks Diccon]

Update: At the suggestion of a friend, I’ve added the tag “Hot Dogumentary.”

  1. Mithras Says: Nov 24 1:21 PM

    “I think we have a chance of getting it into New Jersey.”

  2. R. M. Says: Nov 24 1:27 PM

    Do you know the kinds of things that can fall into an industrial sausage press? Not excluding rodent hairs and bug excrement.

  3. Dan Says: Nov 25 12:06 AM

    Also deliciousness.

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