Philadelphia Will Do  

NBC’s Cole Hamels Dis

Hey, there’s Joe Biden, taking in the Eagles game last night in South Philadelphia. And with him is Hollywood Hamels, enjoying his status as a Philadelphia hero. Let’s zoom the camera a bit and focus in on Cole and… hey!

Don’t pan away from Hamels! You’re in Philadelphia, NBC cameras. Since when does the VP trump the World Series MVP around here? Talk to me when Joe Biden wins Most Valuable Vice President.

Look how NBC is treating Cole. The man has to move his neck in from offscreen to get on camera. How rude. Doesn’t the channel know what’s important?

Ahh, yes, here is the shot for the viewers, not Cole Hamels but Jeffrey Lurie, who also recently struck out 30 people in the playoffs. Clearly this is all the panning and zooming NBC needs to do.

Oh, yeah, and the Eagles lost.

  1. R. M. Says: Nov 10 10:50 AM

    I’ll speak for most of America here, who the feck is Cole Hamels and why would he or she be more important than a corrupt politician from Delaware?

  2. dmac Says: Nov 10 11:03 AM

    Yes, if there’s one thing sports viewers don’t know, it’s the recent World Series MVP.

  3. Silent Cal Says: Nov 10 11:30 AM

    I was thinking the same thing last night. The only person of less consequence than the Vice President is the Vice President-elect. More Hamels!

  4. Barack Hussein Osama Says: Nov 10 2:50 PM

    Is Cole wearing an AJ Feeley jersey? Looks like a 14.

  5. enrico Says: Nov 10 3:26 PM

    doesnt it look like they made Biden sit in a kiddie chair while Lurie is in the padded adult king chair? WTF is that.

  6. adam Says: Nov 10 4:15 PM

    Drudge Report is running this funny story that the crowd booed Biden when he was shown on the big screen. I wasn’t there so I don’t know for sure. But when I read it I was thinking “They were probably booing Jeff Lurie!”

  7. R. M. Says: Nov 10 5:16 PM

    Someone is forgetting that this was the lowest rated World Series in forty years. I sure as hell didn’t watch and most people I know did not watch it, save for a couple of die hard baseball fans.

  8. Sebastian Stockman Says: Nov 12 11:33 AM

    R.M. has proven you wrong with the power of his anecdote, dmac, time to pack it in.

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