Philadelphia Will Do  

See How Poorly John McCain Did


Hey, look, the New York Times has its little fun times election map up, and you, too, can zoom in on Pennsylvania and be like, “Wait, Obama won Carbon County?! Yeesh.” And then you can laugh, laugh, laugh at John McCain ’til your lungs get tired.

  1. Larry West Says: Nov 6 5:36 PM

    It boiled down to this:

    McCain lost the major metropolitan areas, and Republicans in national elections RARELY do well in major cities. The thing that won it for Obama were the Philadelphia suburbs. In fact, McCain would have won PA if not for Philadelphia tipping in Obama’s favor with 60,000+ votes.

    McCain didn’t do too bad on a whole here, but in Philly and a few other areas in PA… yeah, he got slaughtered.

  2. k Says: Nov 6 9:25 PM

    the popular vote is fun to look at with 20/20 hindsight, but let’s not forget that it’s only the electoral college votes that Matter.

    i don’t remember the last time a candidate was so strong in the Entire northeast And great-lakes states. it’s impressive.

  3. bujhuouho Says: Nov 7 4:26 AM

    Umm….. Carbon County has gone blue in 92, 96, and 2000. Not that big of a deal that Obama won it.

  4. Matt Says: Nov 7 11:25 AM

    Carbon not so surprising….but ELK COUNTY?!

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